Decisions, decisions!!

jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member
I currently have a Fitbit One but would like to upgrade in the future. I haven't upgraded yet because the one I have has the best overall reviews than the newer Fitbits. I've been doing some research and I'm torn between the Razer Nabu and the Fitbit Surge (neither have been released yet). I'm leaning toward the Fitbit since I already have their product and I know I like it and their website. Since Razer isn't known for fitness devices I don't know if their first will be good or not. I like that both go beyond fitness and allow phone notifications to show on the device. I can't have my cell phone on me at work (has to go in a locker) and we can't even check it in the building, so it'll be good to know if someone's trying to call me. I give people my work phone number, but not everyone remembers to call it. I'm going to wait for both to be released and go from there, but man, I'm such an indecisive person so making decisions like this is hard!!!