Things to do at work!

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Hey folks,

Like many of you, I am a desk jockey. I go on a walk for both of my 15 minute breaks as well as most of my 30 minute lunch. I choose the stairs to come in and out of work instead of the elevator. I workout at least an hour per day during the week and do some on the weekend. However, I want to know if anyone has any secrets of what to do while working in a desk to prevent just... sitting!


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  • Trixxie90
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    I stand when my phone rings so that any time I'm on the phone i'm at least not sitting.
    I pull my knees into my abs while sitting. I try to keep my feet off the ground as long as possible..
    Also because I have the radio on there are a lot of random dancing to songs....
  • clobern
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    Bah, not on the phone a lot. I've seen people who have had the ergo people put in rising desks so they can stand or sit. Maybe I will do that...
  • TheRealParisLove
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    Ditch the chair and get a yoga ball. Start with just a couple of hours on the ball, and work up to using it exclusively. It's harder than you think.
  • clobern
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    Oh man I've seen those balls. I am afraid of what others will think, my fat *kitten* sitting on a ball...
  • spickard34
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    I do leg raises under my desk, try to stand up as much as possible. Our office is small so we have a bathroom like you would at home, for awhile there I was doing squats or leg raises or lunges in there lol.
  • KyliAnne26
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    When I worked a desk job, I also hated my job, so I would have water drinking challanges with myself to see if I could get all of my water in before quittin' time. This resulted in peeing about every hour. Our bathroom was a long hallway away, so I got to do a little walking. Sorry if this it TMI, lol :) Oh, also, butt-clenches, but make sure other people can't see you, or they'll wonder what's going on hahaha
  • Trixxie90
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    Ooh I like the water challenge... Sadly the bathroom is across from my office so little walking involved to get there...
  • CJH2201
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    My office is completely mine and im rarely interrupted, so I have started circuit training with basic floor exercises, using water for weights for half of my lunch break. I like the exercise ball idea though!
  • Kimdbro
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    I have a 1.57 L Jug of water at my desk. I try to drink one in the morning, refill at lunch and drink it again before I leave, making sure I have at least 3 L of water during the day. As you can imagine I need to pee frequently. I do 10 - 20 squats everytime I go to the washroom. lol. It seems to do the trick.