7 days, 7 lbs.

Sooooooo I know its nothing big but I have officially been on MFP for a week and have lost about a pound a day! I know it wont always be like that but im super stoked and completely obsessed with MFP!!


  • camper2022
    camper2022 Posts: 80 Member
    Congratulations! Losing weight the first couple of weeks is very easy since its such a huge change for the system to now have a limited amount of amount of food daily! You will find though as time goes on you won't be losing that much weight every week but it will gradually drop! Keep it up!!
  • Goal179
    Goal179 Posts: 314 Member
    congrats. It probably won't stay at that exact pace, especially once you get all of the water out. But there is NO reason that you can't keep a pace very similiar to that. So keep going, set your goals high and DO IT! You are awesome.
    ROCKNMIMI Posts: 36 Member
    Nice Work
  • VanessaRudden
    VanessaRudden Posts: 198 Member
    Keep Going youre doing really well!
  • jen350z
    jen350z Posts: 48
    Good job!! Keep it up
  • afclong
    afclong Posts: 20
    7lb in one week wow and how? I practically fasted my 1 st week and lost 2lb! if I seem a bit jealous it's because i am a bit jealous!! Another thing if your profile pic is up to date you really shouldn't change a thing, your gorgeous X well done.
  • That1Chick_Brit
    That1Chick_Brit Posts: 2,541 Member
    Awe thank you! Thats so sweet. It was taken about a year ago and I've had a baby since then so my hair is longer and my face is a bit fuller. I think part of it was water and the other part was that I cut out A LOT of sugar! I drank wayyyyy to many sugary drinks before. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Here is a more recent picture of me with one of my boys o1wdinrndexy.jpg
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