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    Hooray, just been informed that the next hotel has a gym and a pool. Provided they're open in the off-season, I might give running on a treadmill a try, never done that...
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    Hmmm, maybe packing my own nibbles is the way to go, just a bit antisocial... They are conference-style meals. And I know I'll be travelling at least 20% of the time at this job (a total of 6 months or more in a 2 1/2-year contract), so it's better to have a solid strategy in place...

    Good luck flying with packaged foods. You will probably have to purchase some when at your destination.
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    I would watch out my dinner. Also use digestive enzyme to help absorb the extra fat in the meal.
  • Hmmm I feel you. I travel for work, although with me it is more close to 6 hours a day, not really 14..... I tend to eat the hamburger on the menu and while it is paid for by the employer, I always take the chocolate desert the have.
    I just compensate it by eating very strictly on the days when in the office......
    And don't drink calories, just water and tea. now I love me some chocolate and other unhealthy shizz so I just make sure not to add any by drinking them as well.
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    (Just realised all of you seem to assume I'm American - I'm actually travelling within Europe.)
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    Right, so that particular business trip was a complete failure despite the fact that I got several runs and some swimming in. But the last one was better - mostly because I had a kitchen and was responsible for my own meals. Restaurants really don't help.