A Big Thank You to You on MFP

TossaBeanBag Posts: 458 Member
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A lot of you sure have an amazing amount of knowledge. Thank you to those who have responded kindly to any of the threads I started seeking advice and help. You know who you are: those who come to MFP to encourage people and see if you can try to teach them, help them understand, and show some patience when they don't have all the answers and are not the leading authority on every subject.

I am not a nutritional expert. I am not a fitness expert. I am not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV. Some of you are really nice here.

I appreciate all the help everyone has given me. I have tried to report exactly what my doctors and nutritionist and trainer has been telling me, so I can get feedback. Most of the folks responding have been pretty cool and try to correct me with my terminology and tell me how I might be misinterpreting the doctors, how I might be mistaking water gains for muscle gains, etc. Thank you so much for the honest feedback. I do apologize for where I may lack understanding and sure appreciate all the positive feedback.

Thanks for being on here.