Have you heard of the Undress???

It doesn't look like it is out yet...a friend posted a link on facebook. LOOKS AMAZING!!!
seriously, I would NOT use it in an elevator, but there are SOOO many times I wish I had had something like this!!!
I'm not making money on it...just wanted to share a cool option and see what y'all think.

I think it is a bit pricey, but I can see the price coming down over time.
I hope this takes off!!!

For me, common uses would be after Hurricane Harbour at Six flags we go to the rest of the park...yeah, can use a cover up...but yuck to being in a wet suit all day, and double yuck to having to go the the public restroom while still wearing the wet suit...and have you seen thier changing rooms? yeah...NO.

Recently, did the 5k for Sarcoma research...then had to head straight to the clinic for my flu shot (required for my work and time was tight.) I went in my yucky sweaty clothes. Why? I'm NOT changing in an outdoor public restroom OR a port-o-potty. (seriously? ewwww)

If I was in Seattle still, I would use it after diving to put something decent on because we always went out for a meal or drinks after diving to share the excitement of all we saw...would be nice to not change in the back of the van, in the restaurant bathroom, etc...

What do you think???


  • mjterp
    mjterp Posts: 655 Member
    guess I am the weird one that thinks it is so cool...