Any ladies out there with this body shape??? (big ribs and big hips tiny waist???)

I find my body shape slightly odd. I wanted to know if ladies out there had the same problems. I have a medium breast size that sit on quite large ribs...then my waist is small in proportion to my ribs (even at 184 pounds my waist is small...) then I have hips that match my ribs.

See reading that you would think " hour glass" but oh no my friend! My breasts aren't big enough and they don't fill up my ribs properly. So the more weight I lose the more rib cage I am seeing (ughhh). I can't find my actual body shape! any ladies with the same body shape please do reply and tell me what exactly the body shape is!! and if they know what the hell I am on about.


  • MsHarryWinston
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    A pic would help :)
  • Lois_1989
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    I sounds like (in my opinion) that you are a pear shape, because of your hips, but you are also pigeon chested. I'm not sure what the scientific explanation of 'Pigeon Chested' is but my boyfriend is pigeon chested and he has a massive rib cage. Its nothing serious in case you get worried, I think it's just where some people are born with bigger/longer ribs therefore a bigger rib cage.

    Its just a suggestion. :smile:

    Edit: Ok, I just looked it up, which i should have done before really, its not pigeon chested and as it turned out that is not what my bf has, I think you might just have a bigger ribcage.
  • Lizzy622
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    Yep. I'm a pair but many people have said I look like an hourglass from the back. Not the worst shape to have though. I tend to buy separates for bathing suits and wear a dark bottom and lighter top color to look more hourglass.
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    Hey, I have a large rib cage - but I'm not sure if it's like what you're describing. I don't even know if I look like it but whenever I go to the doctors they mention it in relation to my weight and telling me I don't have to worry about as much cause I am literally wider set. Like my waist has always been smaller, too. Show us a picture if you are willing!
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    I have another weird body type. I have broad shoulders and a large rib cage, large breasts, large waist, narrow hips, thin legs. So... basically I'm shaped like an ice cream cone. It makes shopping for jeans difficult... if I buy things that fit my waist, the butt and legs sag. And I have trouble shopping for coats because my shoulders are broad. Top it off with the fact that I'm 6'0", and wear size 11 shoes, and it makes shopping a truly unhappy experience!