Is anyone doing a paleo diet? If so what are your thoughts any recommendations or recipes?


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    I started on 8/24/14. Felt great within a week and have lost 11 pounds so far. I love it but admit I have to modify here and there because I can't do the die hard paleo. I just get as close as I can and follow the main tenents of the plan. Here's a site where you can get great information and really good recipes.

    Before I started I researched it thoroghly. You can google paleo and get a ton of information about the basics of the plan. Many sites list what is and what is not considered paleo. There's a lot to it but I found it suprisingly easy to adapt to. Basically everything and I mean everything I was eating was wrong for me. No wonder if felt like I was on the verge of the flu every day of my life... run down, lethargic, head in a fog. Within a week I was feeling energetic and clear headed. I suspect something I was eating was the culprit but could have been many things. Maybe soy, maybe grains, could have been all the processed (lean cuisine and weight watchers microwave meals), who knows?

    I highly recommend it. But make sure you are supplementing calcium because you take in no dairy on the plan and it can cause issues with your health if you aren't getting it somewhere else.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    Cheryl thanks for mentioning no dairy. All I have left is the cottage cheese to cut out so will tell the wife to not my me more of the high fat type. She is a low fat eater and sticks with the carbs.

    lbuseth the best of luck. Expect some to tell you high carb/low fat is better but from being a one man lab experiment who is 63 I finally moved inwards the paleo camp based on my reality. Paleo is no magic bullet but it can help us to shed the pounds and keep them off I think. I am the type where I leave added sugar off total or totally live on it. That is also the reason I do not drink alcohol based on the life choices made by all my uncles on dad's side.

    Others and do things in moderation and get away with it.

    With me weight loss is one extreme or the other with no middle ground.

    It sounds like you are doing well on your current journey. There are things that we can learn from others but in the end we are the only captain that can keep our ship off of the rocks. :)
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    low carb is the way to go. I havent logged on here in forever but im sure DEEEEP in my food diary there are many low carb ideas:

    Spaghetti Squash w/ butter

    Scrambled Eggs baked in muffin tin with spinach/ground beef (Cheese If you want)

    Cheese cake (yes, i make a low carb one)

    Cauliflower Rice

    Lots of burgers with no bun.

    Quinoa - carbs but with Protein and Fiber at least (this for my husband who cant let go of the rice)

    when im starving I roll up some turkey and cheese and eat it. I know it s not paleo but it not high carb and it holds me down when everyone is eating toast and sandwhiches.

    at Dennys they have this huge omelette with meat, very few carbs. make sure you ask for real eggs.

    I pretty much remove the carbs from any meal im eating, if its possible.

    If i had to eat out just order the burger with toppings no bread.

    I also dont do hard core, but I dont follow paleo either. just do a high fat diet. check out where I learned my info its awesome:
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    Thanks for the interesting related link.