Big big lover of sugary drinks , does anyone have alternative ?



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    I love Zevia cream soda--it's zero calories and delicious. They have several flavors, including cola.
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    I've never been a fan of sweet drinks, but did drink diet sodas many years ago. I like sparkling mineral water with lime or lemon ice cold in a glass bottle. Get Gerolsteiner if you can find it. One of the only brands in the US that has a substantial mineral content. Pellegrino, Perrier, and others only have sodium.
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    Coming from someone who would drink a 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper Cherry every 2 days, I'll echo what has already been said and say water. I gave up on soda long before I started losing weight (about 2 years ago), and I haven't looked back since. You'll get to the point where you'll lose all taste for soda and eventually to the point where the thought of the taste will make you sick.

    Again, water all the way!
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    Try Crystal Light. I used to drink sodas every now and then but I've switched to Crystal Light for the past year and I don't crave sodas anymore.
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    I've been making Kool-Aid sweetened with stevia. It's helped me cut back on sodas.
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    Water. You won't really miss Coke once you stop. This is coming from a total addict, too, I drank almost exclusively Coke for years. Hardly any water, just Coke (I know, I know...gross) but once I decided to stop drinking it, I stopped wanting it (for the most part).

    It was not that easy for me but now the wanting part is over and I can taste food flavor like never before.

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    If you're not averse to Xylitol and Stevia, Now Foods has Slender sticks for 15 calories, which you can mix in and flavour a huge bottle of water. But I agree with most people. Plain water is the best. You can also flavour it with things like berries, lemons, and cucumbers.
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    I used to love Dr. Pepper. I mean I was BAD. Like 2 liters a day. So I bought my favorite juice and added a little sparkling water to it. Then I gradually increased the amount of sparkling water . Then one day I bit the bullet and decided to drink mostly water. I found that what I really missed about soda was the fizz. I still drink "fizzy grape juice" for celebrations, but that's about it. And I second the coffee. Coffee good. :smiley:
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    Kalikel wrote: »
    Water. Water is best.
    I love that you said this and that your avatar is a frog. Seems VERY appropriate!

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    I went from drinking 2 to 3, 2 liters a day to stopping completely cold turkey. I didn't bother weaning myself and nor did I switch to the diet versions. They tasted way too chemically for me. Next month will be 5 years of no soda pop for me. My go to for drinking now is water with lemon.
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    Chew minty gum while drinking cold water...I enjoy the cool minty after taste :)
  • The only real alternatives to sugary drinks are their zero-cal equivalents e.g. Diet Coke, but you've ruled them out for some reason so.... I'm going to say 'Tomato Juice'. Healthier than water, even, because it's full of nutrients (and fills you up).
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    slimline tonic water.
    sugar free diluted juice.
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    I use seltzer water when I want that carbonated fizz blast!