Advice on getting started...

I can't get 3 days without crash and burning... Those that have been successful starting and sticking to a health plan - what did you do?


  • TrailRunnermn
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    Just keep moving, working out (doesn't have to be hardcore) and eat well. How do you exactly crash and burn?
  • StaciMarie1974
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    Look for small changes you can make, and sustain. Its not about totally changing to a different life - but making changes for improvement.

    Portion control. Adjust cooking style to do more baked/grilled and less fried. Larger servings of veggies, smaller servings of starchy sides. Lean protein, fruits. Walking more, sitting less.
  • buckeyefit
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    I cheat. I binge. I do not say no! It is especially challenging because I am recovering from breaking my leg. So walking is out of the question.
  • kramrn77
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    Every time I workout I eat like a fiend the next day. Know your pain. :neutral_face:
  • cindyt472
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    If I fall off the wagon and I occasionally do I have to pick myself and get back on it. Best of luck to you. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want.
  • 50sFit
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    buckeyefit wrote: »
    I can't get 3 days without crash and burning... Those that have been successful starting and sticking to a health plan - what did you do?
    Make sure your goals are reasonable.
    Just follow the MFP recommendations for steady and lasting results.
    Eat clean, log all your foods and set your calorie intake to lose 1 pound per week.
    Exercise both cardio and strength, and eat back your exercise calories.
    It's simple.
    And once you reach your goal weight, stay on track. That's not the end; it's merely the end of the beginning. Good Luck!
  • MichelleS08
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    log all your foods, don't leave anything out because your cheating yourself then..plan! plan your meals for the day..bring your lunch/snacks to work or whatever for the week then there is no excuse that you don't have anything to eat and have to grab something. and weigh your food.. that's important to..
  • arditarose
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    I just didn't crash and burn. I wanted it bad enough. Plus I thought logging and exercising was fun and neat.
  • fabi8081
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    You just have to make the decision to do something different and stick to it. It is difficult in the beginning and you will slip but you start again and you'll start to slip up less often. But the secret is just to make yourself stick to it. When the temptation comes walk away and do something else, walk, jump, run, sit ups anything but not what you don't want to do.
  • Joe7178
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    Speaking from experience..when I first started my fitness lifestyle I focused more on getting the consistency of getting to the gym at least 4x a week. That first month I nailed the habit of being consistent while eating in moderation of all types of food. The second month I began counting macronutrients and weighing my food; didn't restrict any types of food, that doesn't mean my diet was complete poo either.

    What I'm trying to say is; I knew there was no rush..I slowly but surly progressed to being consistent in the gym and in the kitchen, thus going from 225-165...I still enjoyed all types during that time!

    DON'T do what I did when I tried to crash diet from 165 to 145-150..It totally blew up in my face and I started to get a problem with my body image..sure enough I got caught in a cycle of crash dieting and binging...that lasted over 6 months..Im 179 now...6+ months wasted! I could be at my goal

    I came to the realization that I can't dawn on the past, it happened. I can only control my diet and training today and every day after.

    Slowly adapt! Trust much rather take 1-2 months to adapt then spent 6+ months spinning your wheels:)

    Message me if you have any questions about ANYTHING! I finally got out of my 11 days ago...

    I wish the best to you:)
  • Joe7178
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    this might help;

    Eat at maint. for a week then decrease calories by 50 each week until you reach a 500 calorie deficit! This way you can get used to not having those extra 50 calories each week and before you know it you won't even notice that you're not consuming those extra 500 calories!
    A small deficit like that to ease your way in is a lot better than to be in a large deficit for 3 days then binge the next few days exceeding that huge deficit you were in!
  • abcmommyx3
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    just keep trying. you have a clean start ahead of you. You can do this! Little steps... if you do crash after 3 days pick yourself up and start again
  • PotentiallyCrazy
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    Start small & keep going. Improvements add up, just keep at them! You can do it. If you notice you did something you "shouldn"t have," just take it as a lesson learned/something to improve upon & keep going. Tomorrow is a new day :smile:
  • CorlissaEats
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    Start by getting into the habit of logging. If logging is your only goal, then the choices you make don't dictate success or failure. Once you think you are in the swing of things, then start trying to stick to a reasonable calorie goal, or make a few better choices each day until it feels good. I tend to think "dieters" fail because they make a decision to diet and they throw multiple balls up in the air rather then add one at a time.
  • jgnatca
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    I got lots and lots of help. I had my doctor refer me to a dietitian that was covered on our (Canadian) health plan. I logged my progress and met frequently for accountability. I work a lot better being accountable to someone. I also took a six week course sponsored by Stanford, which taught me to brainstorm ways around obstacles, then try again. It took all the guilt out of my weight loss journey.