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High Blood Pressure and Sodium

Okay so I have had high blood pressure since about 21, which was around the time that I started eating a lot more fast food and what not. I also contributed it to my weight, and I haven't ever reduced my sodium intake nor increased Potassium. Only taken medication for it. Now that I am 32 years old, and have lost about 95 pounds, my blood pressure is still super high even on medication! After being on MFP for about 120 days, I have noticed a trend. My sodium intake averages around 3000-3500mg. My high days are in the 5000's. My potassium levels are averaging lower than 1000mg a day. From the articles i've just read, I should be intaking less than 1500mg of sodium a day and more than 4000mg of potassium a day. So I will be making this change very soon and hope to see results soon and will let you all know!

So my question is, has anyone else had Stage 3 hypertension or lower and were able to lower their blood pressure by reducing sodium intake and increasing potassium? I am hoping to hear some success stories because my weight loss and daily exercise and even medication aren't enough.


  • RodaRose
    RodaRose Posts: 9,562 Member
    Good luck with your plan. Cooking at home will decrease salt.
    It is possible for Sleep Apnea to cause hypertension. Have you ever been tested?
  • 20yearsyounger
    20yearsyounger Posts: 1,643 Member
    I am constantly on the hunt for food that has higher calories than sodium so that I can hit the goal.

    I am back down to water pills from metropolol. Body still adjusting but hoping to see a change in another few months.
  • trekkie_bbs
    trekkie_bbs Posts: 64 Member
    I've been lucky and never had high blood pressure with that said it runs in my family so I do have a few hints that you more than likely already know about to avoid lots of salt.

    1. Most take out foods are super high in salt content.
    2. Canned foods and VEGGIES are normally high in salt content as well.
    3. Packaged meats normally contain some salt content however watch for prepackaged meats like turkey breasts, deli meats, and any type of meat that has a breading on it.
    4. Many cheeses contain a lot of salt content.
    5. Fresh veggies, meats still contain some salt content but normally it is considerably lower than pre-packaged.

    What I am trying to show is making your meals from scratch is your best bet. Not only will you know what's in them but you can tweak them to make them taste better to you.
  • marsellient
    marsellient Posts: 591 Member
    As others have said, you almost have to cook your own food in order to keep sodium levels down. I've managed to stay off everything except half a water pill by losing weight, watching sodium, and exercising. Walking is excellent. As far as food is concerned, watch sauces and condiments, and look for low sodium versions of things like broth and canned tomato products. Just pay attention that extra sugar hasn't been added to make up for the salt. Even low sodium canned soups are pretty high.
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    My blood pressure was generally +170/90. I took lisinopril (10 Mg) and HCTZ. Additional directives were to keep sodium less than 1500, fiber above 25, stay well hydrated, lose excess weight (60 pounds) and exercise daily. I've accomplished all of those, am no longer on. BP meds and usually slightly below 120/80. No mention was made about potassium but mine often exceeds 3000 so maybe the high potassium helped. I'm 60 y.o.