Mothers of small children that work 200 pounds+

Hi I am looking for some encouragement here and probably a kick in the pants as well, that extra motivation to keep me going.
I work full time have 3 children 3 and under.
I started losing weight the beginning of this year:
5'6' Started at around 270
currently at 220
I walk 5 days a week briskly.
I know my BMR and TDEE
I know I should not be eating some of the junk food extras and I do not have any time to commit to further exercise outside of the home ( Mama Guilt)

How are you coping if you are in the same situation? I am in this for the long haul but have stalled in motivation over the last 2 months.

Thanks for your input.


  • ew_david
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    I am a single mother with three kids also (mine are a little older). I cut down on the mom guilt by working out at home. I lift in my basement and run outside. My diet is always a work in progress and I have lost most of my weight over the course of a year. It's a slow process, be patient!
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    I have 2 kids (4 and 18 months). I'm lucky and work at a place that has a free gym, so I do my workouts at lunch time.
    My motivation has come and gone, and as a result, I've gained and lost a few times over. (I have almost 100lbs left to lose). I've been doing well for the past couple of months and hope to continue that until I reach my goal...but I'm just taking it one day at a time.
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    I have 1 son who is 14 months. I also work full-time. I started out at 318. Currently 277. I couldn't tell you what my motivation is. For some reason, I'm just have this thought process of why not?! I take 3 days out of my week and work out. I have kids care at the gym for my son plus my husband watches him for me. I eat right all week, but I do splurge a little. I think that's the key. I stay away from "trigger" foods. Those foods being foods I'll eat and never stop eating and then crave more of them later (i.e. pizza, mexican food, etc) Anyways, you got this! I've got about 50-75 more pounds to lose. If you need any motivation I'm here to cheer you on!
  • _whatsherface
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    BTW, I had the momma guilt as well. But I just take my son with me. What's an hour away from him now versus being away from him my whole life because I didn't take care of myself or I was too overweight to play with him?! You'll find your rhythm.
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    I get around the mama guilt by working out in the morning before everyone else wakes up. Then go about the day as usual and workout is out of the way, have the same amount of time with my little one as I do on non-workout days.

    Honestly though, you don't have to work out to lose weight. Keep a calorie deficit and you will lose weight, no matter what, that's going to be #1
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    _dracarys_ wrote: »
    I am a single mother with three kids also (mine are a little older). I cut down on the mom guilt by working out at home. I lift in my basement and run outside. My diet is always a work in progress and I have lost most of my weight over the course of a year. It's a slow process, be patient!

    this is pretty similar to me. I'm a single mum with 2 kids and a demanding full time job. There's no way I can find time to go to the gym, so instead I've treated myself to a barbell (expecting delivery this week ***excited***) and I'm going to buy a power cage and bench too in due course.

    I walk to work and walk the kids to school on the way to work, and back from the childminder's. Where I live is very hilly, and I've worked out that this walk gives me the recommended amount of cardio for health (150 minutes a week) so I'm not intending to do more cardio than that - my goals are strength based, and that's what the barbell's for. So, lifting in the evenings + walking to school/work and back = enough exercise.

    I'm that busy that I have to plan my meals carefully anyway... so planning meals for my fitness goals (cutting and bulking cycles) isn't going to be that much extra effort.
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    I have 4 kids and until August, was in school full time. The kids are 14, 12, 11, 9 (yes, I had 4 kids in 5yrs and 1 month). I have lost nearly 94lbs since April 18th (from 375.3 to 281.6), almost all of it without exercise. I have only recently started walking in a dedicated fashion (ie 2-3 miles at a 17-17.5 minute/mile pace, 3-4 times/week iceally). I eat a ketogenic diet nowadays, high in fat and low in carbs, with moderate protein (works for me, not suggesting it for anyone else) and I generally don't crave sweet things anymore at all. As for motivation, I don't know. I rather randomly started (seriously, April 18th was a Friday :p ). The losses themselves and how much happier and better I feel at this lower (albeit still very obese) weight are what keeps me motivated.

    Calorie deficit = weight loss
    Exercise = fitness
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    I have the kid I gave birth to (he's four) and the kid I married (54). I do all the cooking, cleaning, scheduling, chauffeuring, and I'm studying to take the Series 65 exam. I have to get up at 4:45 am to workout, and study after my little buddy goes to bed. I don't want my son to think that sitting on the couch watching TV is what life is about or that junk food will fix all his emotional boo-boos. He is my inspiration to move and eat right.
  • neandermagnon
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    Regarding the momma guilt... looking after yourself physically means you'll have more energy for other things (fitter people don't get tired so easily), and hopefully also means being in better health in old age, which will mean being there for your kids for longer, less likely to have health issues that impact on their lives in a negative way. Additionally, you're setting a fantastic example to your kids. They'll be more likely to exercise and take care of their health as adults if they see you doing those things. My girls know I lift and they want to lift too. I'm planning on letting them, when I can learn enough to be able to teach them safely. I'm considering my home gym as an investment for their future, not just mine. They'll be able to use it too, when they're big enough. And as they're girls, seeing me lifting and wanting to be strong is also setting an example for them about not letting gender stereotypes define them or stop them from doing something they want to do. There is so much benefit for your kids from you exercising and taking care of your health that there is no need to feel guilty about the fact you have to take an hour or so here and there during the week to do it.
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    I have 2 children and work full time just get on with it, like you have been doing it

    It took me 10 years to lose my baby weight (well 6 months and 37lbs) and in 5lbs I will hit my pre-first pregnancy weight

    I am being a great role model for my kids by getting and being fit ...screw the guilt :smile:
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    Your kids are at a great age that they will absorb what you do and see it as something that is just "how you do". I agree with Neander. I'm stunned daily by the impact my effort has had on the kids. One of my girls is nearly a teen and her language about her physical goals is strength and health and I think "phew"! My son who is 13 lifts in his room nightly and it's sort of satisfying to me to hear the clinking. He organised his own boxing classes too and loves it. My secret spy tells me he trains "hard"

    Working full time means planning is key. Finding a routine that the kids anticipate is worth the effort but also spontaneously embracing an opportunity to be active is good as well. I don't work anymore but when I did planning made it so much easier and satisfying.
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    Your kids are the perfect age to take with you walking/running/biking. Triple jogging strollers and bike trailers are expensive but they exist! I love running with my kids and they love it, too. They are my motivation. They challenge me to run farther so that we can discover new parks to play at.

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    Mine are 6 and 8. I have had lots of ups and downs since with respect to my weight, exercise and food habits. This year at my physical, I had high cholesterol. With my family history, I have one year and if it is still high, I go on meds. I would rather not be on meds, so that is what finally got me going this time. I may still need meds even after losing weight, stung better and exercising but I won't feel bad since I have been giving my health an honest effort. For me the struggle was food. So I started small with changes. I tried to give up things I had only introduced since becoming a mom. Once I got those easy things, I moved to a "just for today" approach. So every day I decide if it is a treat day or not. I don't feel deprived because everyday I can make a choice to have the treat. Some days I choose the treat but most days I don't. It is tough when they are so little like your children. It will get easier, so hang in there.
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    I have horrible mommy guilt and as a result of it I gained 45# over 5 years between my daughter and son and another 30 since I had my son in May 2013. I always struggled with my weight but was able to keep it on track when i didn't have kids. My daughter would be at my moms house all day while I was at work so I couldn't bare to take her to the gym and throw her in daycare so I could work out so I didn't. I now work nights and am home all day with my son and my daughter goes to school but I have learned that the socializing with other kids at the daycare is not a bad thing and even just a quick half hour workout can do wonders, and your health is important too. your kids need you to be healthy.
  • I started out just on 3 years ago at 329lbs. My kids were then 8, 6 and 3 (twins). I also worked and currently work full time although all kids are now at school. I made myself find the time. I walked in the evening at first, then I started going to the gym while my husband watched the kids. I determined that an hour a day extra without me now is better than years without me later because I didn't take care of my health. And also far better than me being debilitated and not able to do much because of obesity related illnesses. So 3 years later I weigh 175ish and I'm pretty close to goal. My kids haven't complained much and they love that I can run and play with them now. My youngest son races me all the time! It's tough sometimes but definitely worth the time investment :)
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    Hi im a mum of 3 children 12,4 and 19 months after my 1st I was 190lbs and now im 140lbs but I want to tell you that a healthy mummy makes for healthy children so ditch the guilt put you 1st as they are led by your example.
    I eat burgers and sweets etc I make them fit as a treat I play football with the children and run around with them and encourage a healthy active lifestyle, some days better than others but ive done it and am still doing it you most definitely can.
    My advice is to accept there will be bad days no sleep etc and motivation low but everytime you look at your children just tell yourself you want them to remember a fun mum who plays and experiences everything with them that's what drove and still drives me add me if you want we have so got this!!!! you carried and nurtured all those babies your body is amazing so treat it with the respect it deserves.
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    I have an almost-four-year-old, a full-time job, two part-time jobs, and zero free time. Fortunately there's a gym right next to where I work, so I go there on my lunch break most days and sometimes on Fridays right after work for an hour-long yoga class. That last one really gives me the guilt, as it cuts into the precious little evening time I have with the kid, but I remind myself all the time that when Mommy feels good, everyone feels good. Also I try to pack in as much exercise time as I can during the week so that I can spend all my weekend time with my son--which often involves a lot of running around, or at least walking anyway, so I look at that as exercise too. It's all like a big puzzle you have to fit together, and believe me, there are plenty of days when I'm not motivated. I just try to keep looking forward toward my goals (weight loss and being able to run a 5k at some point in the future) and reminding myself how much better I feel about life in general when I take care of myself and my body a little bit each day. It ain't always easy, but it is possible. :)
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    Thank you for all the responses, I like that I can connect with moms who get it and can still tell me to get going! I feel amazing after the 50 pound weight loss and know that I will never go back (FX) I feel that I am kinda in a slump because I can afford to lose another 50 and need to connect with those feelings that it will feel even more amazing!
    My kids have kept me going, I will climb water slides all day as I will not be sitting on the side lines whilst they have fun. I climb stairs during work hours and walk during my breaks, going in the right direction for sure, I just struggle so much with the love of food. I know that if I indulge in that chocolate bar I better at least double my steps for the next day or two.
    Thanks again, my twins will not out run me has been a good mantra!