Has anyone felt discouraged after hitting a milestone rather than encouraged?


I was really looking forward to hitting the 20lb loss mark but when I got there, rather than be excited, it was more of a reminder of how long it took to get there (for me it was about 4.5 months) and how much further I still have to go. (24lbs or about 5.5months).
I try not to get too down on myself b/c 20lbs is still awesome…I just wish it wouldn’t take so freaking’ long.



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    I can't say I feel discouraged per se... but I understand the "jeez I still have so much to lose!" mentality. I try not to let it get me down, because weight loss just takes time. If I were you, I'd look back at the 20 I'd already lost as encouragement... *kitten* yeah! You lost 20 pounds, keep doing what you've been doing and five months from now you'll be good to go!

    Look at it this way... five months from now you'll be saying one of two things. A.) "I wish I would have stuck to my diet! I was doing so well, and I could have been at my goal weight by now," or B.) "I'm so glad I did this for myself. I look and feel *kitten* great!"
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    I understand. Seeing the weight coming off is good but also frustrating.
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    20 pounds IS awesome, WTG. You just keep doing what you're doing.
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    I think it's because "milestones" are really just arbitrary numbers. You get this idea in your head about how great you're going to feel when you hit a certain number, but the truth is, the 20th pound doesn't feel any different from the 19th, 18th, or 17th pound.

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    Sure, But that 20lbs loss is amazing. Its 20lbs closer to feeling fab and being where you want to be. If you gave up or havent lost it, thats 20lbs further away. Another 20lbs weighing you down. You worked hard for that 20lbs loss, dont you give up!
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    I understand your humdrum feeling about hitting your milestone. For me, I decided to use the milestone as an indicator only. I have it in place to help me see if I am on the right track or not. My goal is to help my body have all the tools it needs to be healthy. Hitting my milestones shows me that I am using the right strategies successfully.

    It sounds like you are using great strategies to move in the right direction. Keep up the great work and enjoy the fact that your body is celebrating what you have been working on for 4.5 months. If your body could tweet you it would say "thanks for taking the time to take care of me! #yourock"
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    I think this is somewhat natural, I was feeling a bit frustrated by how much further I have to go today, although I'm very satisfied with my rate of progress.

    Anyways, don't get too attached to those thoughts. It's okay to have them, but also purposefully turn your attention to all the things that you are noticing that are better now. 20 lbs is a significant weight loss and there are lots of things that are probably a little bit easier, fit a little bit better, etc.
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    The thing is though... time flies. Really. You'll look back in 6 months and you'll realize it really didn't take that long.
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    have you watched those videos about what a pound of fat looks like? - watch one. You'll be amazed you lost 20 of them!
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    Having a great deal of weight to lose, I understand how you feel. But on the same token, I get excited about every single pound. I was told by my PCP several years ago that I needed to have the gastric bypass because I would never be able to lose it on my own. And I think about all the people who bullied me for being overweight. So far, I've lost 56 pounds in 158 days. My first milestone is 57. Once I reach that, I will set another (probably 107 pounds) and I'll keep pushing forward until I meet it.

    20 pounds is awesome and you should be very proud. Time is going to pass whether you try or not, so better to look back in 6 months and say "I ONLY lost 20 pounds" instead of looking back and saying "I WISH I would have lost 20 pounds" Good luck!! :heart:
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    I wasn't necessarily discouraged when I hit the 20lb loss mark, but I will say that I didn't feel as amazing as I thought I would feel. When I first started I thought that losing 20lbs would make such a different in my appearance and my attitude, but it didn't. I was really proud of myself but it wasn't the ecstatic feeling I was hoping to gain. I'll tell you that right now, even after a 40 lb loss, I feel great but I still see many areas left for improvement and it will just take time and determination. It's a process. And like someone said, time flies. Stay positive! :)
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    Don't get discouraged by the pace, losing slow and steady is the right way to keep the weight off in the long term and it helps you avoid saggy skin when you get to your final goal. You are doing this right.
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    BrettPGH_ wrote: »
    I think it's because "milestones" are really just arbitrary numbers. You get this idea in your head about how great you're going to feel when you hit a certain number, but the truth is, the 20th pound doesn't feel any different from the 19th, 18th, or 17th pound.

    This right here. Try setting even bigger goals for yourself. Look beyond an arbitrary number on a scale.

    Sign up for a 5K. Or an obstacle race. Try hiking or dance classes or anything else that you'd love to do with your new body. You're not losing weight just to see a number on a scale, you want to improve your life. So get out there and do it! That'll make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

    This. I just lost my 21st pound and entered the healthy BMI range, which was super awesome, but I still have about 15 to lose. Completing a 5K a couple weeks ago felt like a lot more of an accomplishment for me, to be honest. I think part of it, too, is that many of us look in the mirror and know we have lost x amount of pounds, but we still visualize ourselves as the people we were x amount of pounds ago. At least that's how it is for me.
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    When I read your post I was feeling your pain, but it also made me realize something, so thank you!

    The weight is an arbitrary number, it's a measurement of pounds, aside from that it is simply a tracking mechanism to make sure you're headed in the right direction.

    I've hit the 20lb mark and I look at myself and "maybe" I see some change, but the ultimate goal is to look a certain way, to be active, to be proud of what I've done, to prove to myself I can accomplish what I set out to do. There are so many other END RESULTS that are NOT a number on the scale.

    So celebrate the fact that your trending in the right direction and doing what is right for you. Screw the number, other than it's a indicator of movement.

    Now attack the next 20 with a vengeance, and see if that one makes you feel better!