46 year old 100% plant based - goal to climb Half Dome in 2015!

100% plant based for 2.5 years, using Fitness Pal to shed the rest of my weight and motivate me to be in better shape for Half Dome. So excited!


  • redfisher1974
    redfisher1974 Posts: 614 Member
    Sound awesome! Good luck!
  • No_Finish_Line
    No_Finish_Line Posts: 3,662 Member
    Half dome?
  • justalittlecrazy
    justalittlecrazy Posts: 88 Member
    Half Dome= the most difficult hike at Yosemite. Over 4000 feet of elevation gain. Good for you! We need to be friends. Working on the remaining 131 lbs so I can do the Wonderland Trail in 2 years. Nothing tastes better than finishing a really great hike feels!