Lunch/dinner, digestion and social life

I typically eat a big lunch and then only one fruit, some almonds in the afternoon and greek yogurt for dinner. However, I am invited to sit down dinners 2-3x a week, and it kills my progress. There is no way I can get to 6pm with only 800-900 (daily allotment is 1550, and I have to count in 600+ calories for a sit down dinner even if I am watching what I eat. They often mix in the veggies with the rest so there is not much leeway.) I just need my calories early in the day to survive and don't know how to handle these socially obligational dinners. Also, it is healthy food and yummy, so skipping most of it would feel ED...

On a different not, eating fatty food or carbs at night gives me bad belly aches and gas and water retention, scale goes up and I get frustrated. I have this weakness whenever I eat healthily for a while, my body gets intolerant then.

I need some thoughts on this. Maybe I should re-train myself to light lunches and bigger dinners every day? That would be so hard though, i lift 4-5x a week early in the am, so I am starving by noon!


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    Eat your yogurt, nuts and fruit at lunch and have your dinner out (swap).