Turning 40 weeks - NEED MOTIVATION...

I am turning 40 in 5 weeks and I would love friend to help annoy, pester, and be a pain in the butt to keep pushing me..
I cant say I wanna lose the entire 20kgs, but at least 5... I know I can do it, but I drop off after a day or two...
I need people to keep me in check.. I would love some support xxooo


  • CrazedCrow
    CrazedCrow Posts: 217 Member
    Hey Monte, I'd be happy to friend up if you like. Welcome to the 40's :)
  • monte74
    monte74 Posts: 20 Member
    thanks... crazedcow :)
  • PacificLotus
    PacificLotus Posts: 83 Member
    I've been in the 40s for a long time....so I have lots experience with pestering, annoying, and being a general pain in the butt. :D Feel free to add me.
  • shfoster0721
    shfoster0721 Posts: 239 Member
    I am almost 40 but would love to pester and annoy you to keep you accountable. I'm Steve btw and I have lost 118 pounds since January.
  • monte74
    monte74 Posts: 20 Member
    Thanks so much guys.. I look forward to being pestered :)
  • Welcome to the 40's I can help crack the whip. LOL please add me to your group of supporters.
  • TheRealKit
    TheRealKit Posts: 97 Member
    I will be 39 next May! I may just stay 39 ;)
    Feel free to add me . I will do my best to give you encouragement
  • How awesome that you are getting healthy! I was 40 years old when I started my program, so remember that your best years can be in FRONT of you and not BEHIND you! I lost 150 pounds and have been maintaining a healthy weight for 2 years so it CAN BE DONE!