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Looking for friends let's play "answer one, ask one"



  • Noelv1976
    Noelv1976 Posts: 18,948 Member
    Yes, well prepared for it.

    If you had a choice to live forever unhappily or live for a happy short time?
  • qxana1969
    qxana1969 Posts: 9,330 Member
    Happy - short time

    Do you find yourself flirting more than you should?
    GDLAZ Posts: 3,785 Member
    IDK, how much is more than I should? :smile:

    Is your job more active or sedentary?
  • Noelv1976
    Noelv1976 Posts: 18,948 Member
    active in the morning, sedentary during the day.

    What are you going to be doing this weekend?
  • ZeeShay
    ZeeShay Posts: 1,132 Member
    Little cousins communion

    What are you doing right now?
  • PewterSky
    PewterSky Posts: 9,225 Member
    Going to be doing a little photoshoot for a mini collection of shirts I designed. Pretty excited about it!

    What are your plans for the weekend?
  • WebFootFreak
    WebFootFreak Posts: 119 Member
    To avoid downtown Memphis like the plague. Music Fest + Bass Pro opening = pure chaos... with background music.

    Have you ever tried that veggie spiral pasta maker... and does it work?
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,768 Member
    I have not tried one...but am intrigued by the concept. Although I could never give up real pasta.

    What is your favorite kitchen tool/appliance?
    GDLAZ Posts: 3,785 Member
    Keurig :smile:

    Exercise morning, evening, or during the day?
  • ItsMeGee3
    ItsMeGee3 Posts: 13,255 Member
    Always morning. Sometimes a lunch walk and occasionally Zumba in the evenings.

    Favorite work out?
  • Carpedieznutz
    Carpedieznutz Posts: 1,166 Member
    Any workout that involves being outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, you name it!

    If you had to see in only a single color for the rest of your life what would it be?
  • Bruceapple
    Bruceapple Posts: 2,026 Member

    What time is it where you are?
  • praksindiafit
    praksindiafit Posts: 518 Member
    2 :33 am at night

    slow songs or fast ones...charge up your mood
  • ninthnarnian
    ninthnarnian Posts: 237 Member
    Fast for mood charging.

    Do you like musicals?
  • careyw1
    careyw1 Posts: 400 Member

    Have you ever been to New York City?
  • RichM601
    RichM601 Posts: 305 Member

    Where are you from?
  • careyw1
    careyw1 Posts: 400 Member
    ontario canada

    Whats the must see in New York ( im going in July)
  • LastDamnNerve
    LastDamnNerve Posts: 91 Member
    Tampa Florida

    ever been to Italy?
  • RichM601
    RichM601 Posts: 305 Member
    Yes, many times

    Is it hot out?
  • LastDamnNerve
    LastDamnNerve Posts: 91 Member
    Too hot ( and humid )

    Vacation in mountains or Tropical?