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    There are individuals here who are battling eating disorders and posts discussing VLCDs can be triggering and lead them to engage in unhealthy habits. Even if the person is eating a VLCD for medical purposes and is under the supervision of a doctor, it's simply against the rules of MFP.

    I (and others) am glad you found something that works for you but what works for you can be deadly for others. You need to be mindful of that. So if you do not want to be flagged, refrain from discussing VLCDs here.

    This is ridiculous. There are also people discussing alcohol here, which could be dangerous for alcoholics. There are people discussing desserts, which could be deadly for me as a 300-pound dessert lover. There are people discussing depression, which could set someone off who is likewise depressed. There are people discussing gastric bypass, which some people do die from.

    Very low calorie diets, particularly medically supervised ones, are a legitimate form of weight loss, and as adults we should be allowed to discuss them. I have a particular interest, as my brother recently started a medically supervised Optifast diet, and I am considering the pros and cons of such a diet and whether I should consider it myself.

    Also, there seems to be no ban on discussing intermittent fasting. Could that not also "set off" someone with an eating disorder?

    Edited to add-- kudos to the original poster on your success in regaining health, and apologies for all those who seem unable to support you.

    I never said there was anything wrong with VLCDs for medical purposes. All I said was simply why it's against MFP rules to discuss VLCDs- no matter why the person is on one. I don't make the rules so don't get in a huff towards me.
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    wow... just here for a moment, but the forums? Poor woman, and a new member, too.

    Maybe I'm missing something but I believe solitude and isolation have different meanings. Solitude? calm and serene. Isolation? fearful.