Will one "unhealthy" day be problematic?

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So I started this change in my life on 11/5 and in 8 days I have lost 8.2 lbs. I understand that is a lot in one week. Read my diary before ranting. I eat healthy, every 2-3 hours, and exercise most days. I don't deprive myself when hungry, I just cut out a lot of unhealthy things. I used to eat fried or fast food every day, drank alcohol every other day, and never exercised. I have drank once in two weeks and in the last 8 days haven't had fast food or fried. I also only drink water and hot green tea. I take vitamins every morning. I'm giving you a run down of what the last few days have been like so you (someone that has experience in this area) can give me the best advice. I am having a Friendsgiving party and I plan on drinking alcohol (MGD 64 more than likely) with some whiskey, and eating some of the food people bring. This will be completely different from my other days so what I want to know am I about to shock my system or will this just be a day with a high calorie count?


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    While I am sure people with disagree with me, every now and then there is a cheat day it happens, the trick is getting right back to your plan the next day. I have had a few experiences, beer usually makes me pretty swollen the fallowing day as does whisky so this is a very seldom occurrence for me cause I hate that feeling. As far as the foods people bring, pick and choose wisely, you can experience it without over doing it. but don't be surprised if you want to throw the scale out the window within the next two days, my scale has almost bit it a few times :) I am a notorious family get together cheater I don't think besides being swollen or hating the scale the next day I have shocked my body, but everyone's body is different. Don't know if this helped but hopefully.
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    One unhealthy day wont make you fat anymore than one 'healthy' day will make you thin.
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    One unhealthy day wont make you fat anymore than one 'healthy' day will make you thin.

    This, one day wont make any difference, just get back on the wagon the day afterwards and carry on as you have been.

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    One unhealthy day wont make you fat anymore than one 'healthy' day will make you thin.

    I know that ha I'm already fat I will still be fat after that day lol I was asking if I my body would be shocked or stressed by the change. Also, I'm not trying to be thin, I'm just trying to be a healthier weight.

    Do no be alarmed that I used the word fat…that isn't a self loathing comment it's just factual.
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    Congratulations on aiming for a healthier you

    I don't believe in healthy or unhealthy food - I believe in calorie defecits - eat what you want within your calorie defecit - where possible try to follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of what you eat is fresh, wholesome produce and 20% is for those treats

    consider the defecit and the 80/20 as a weekly rule - stick within them and you'll be fine

    learn to party without blowing your goals - and yes that means eating fast food, chocolate, fried food, chips, candies whatever and drinking alcohol

    you'll be fine

    and good luck

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    It's one day in the scheme of things. This is about living life and getting healthy; part of that is going to include having a drink now and again, or going out with friends. You're learning to use moderation and make conscientious choices, while at the same time enjoying life. WTG on your loss.
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    I doubt it! Make sure to drink plenty of water after friendsgiving and exercise the day of and the next day! have fun!
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    I pay more attention to my calories weekly rather than daily for this reason and if I know I have a celebration coming up or an event where I'm likely to eat outside of my daily goals I offset it in the couple of days before and after. Have fun on the day and just be aware that if you get on the scale the next day you're likely to be up as much as 6 lbs due to bloating and other factors and don't get discouraged.