What's it Like Being in Your Zone?

... for some of us, it being under the weights and pumping up the last few reps. I remember how after 40 minutes into a run, having all my senses open up and being able to smell the scents in the air more intensely. I swear I could smell someones perfume from their home though I was in the middle of a street feeling like I could go on forever... in the zone.

What's it like being in your zone? Man, I'd to read your story; they are motivating.


  • redfisher1974
    redfisher1974 Posts: 614 Member
    I have heard of the runners "high" Sounds cool, Unfortunately I can not run :\
    That being said my "Zone" is when I'm outside doing yard work...Sounds funny but when I get on a roll I can go for hours and get tons of stuff done and feel good about it.
  • TossaBeanBag
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    Very cool ^^^
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I guess where I have experienced the Zone the most is in a couple of Crossfit competitions. In my first experience, I had a horrible first event. However, my adrenaline got so high that in the next events, I was able to pull off olympic lifts that were usually a stretch for me. Then I had another event where I would normally need to break reps a lot and I didn't need to break at all. You go into this really painful place and just tell yourself you can do anything for 10 minutes. While CF comps can be incredibly painful, for me, only the first event is horrible because after that I have so many chemicals floating around my body that I am generally performing 10-20% better than in practice. In my second comp, I snatched a weight far above what I had ever done in practice just through aggression and the atmosphere of the event. I think my zone happens a lot when I am with other athletes who are better than me. It pushes me into a different conception of what is possible and I perform better.
  • angelexperiment
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    I can get in the zone usually about an hour into walking. The colors are brighter and crisp. I notice sights and smells I ordinarily may not and then it whizes by.
  • jjalbertt
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    When I get to almost the end of my jog maybe about 10 or so minutes left I start to feel like I can just keep going and going. My lungs and heart feel awesome, I start to feel happier, it feels like I can go hike up a large mountain directly after. It's weird but it happens.
  • cwolfman13
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    All I can say is there's nothing like a heavy snatch done with such perfect technique that the bar basically feels weightless and just floats on up there and you just don't even feel anything until the lock out...
  • LaurenCheek
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    I feel in the zone when I lay down at night, knowing I successfully completed another day and I am closer to my goal. I also feel in the zone when I weigh out my food and make new recipes and meal preps for the week. Being prepared and relishing small successes keeps me focused and in my zone.

    My motivation seems to be binary, either I am completely motivated and doing all I can, or I am totally faltering. Lately (past few months) I have been really on my game. I plan to keep the ball rolling for as long as possible, because these bursts of motivation and willpower don't last forever for me.