hand/immersion blenders

I am looking at purchasing a hand/immersion blender and was looking at the kitchen aid 5 speed (which is on sale T my Costco for $89.99 regular $129.99-149.99) or a Cuisinart smart stick...

Anyone use either of these or have suggestions / feedback on others?


  • tessaleonie
    tessaleonie Posts: 13 Member
    Yup love my Braun immersion blender. Perfect for soups, sauces and smoothies. Though I use my proper blender for tough smoothies with kale or chia seeds.
  • MaddyT122
    MaddyT122 Posts: 152 Member
    I have the Cuisinart Smart Stick and I love it. I use it to make tomato soup and it blends it all very well. No complaints.
  • sylviatx
    sylviatx Posts: 156 Member
    Mine is a Toastmaster brand and I love it. My only comment would be a longer stick would be more useful when you are using a deep stock pot.
  • _Terrapin_
    _Terrapin_ Posts: 4,301 Member
  • Lynn_babcock
    Lynn_babcock Posts: 220 Member
    I love my immersion blender. Not a name brand. Just paid $1 at a yardsale. It's just so handy. Wish I had gotten one sooner.
  • corinneselene
    corinneselene Posts: 306 Member
    I have a cuisinart and it is probably one of my favorite kitchen tools- and I have a ton!
  • apparations
    apparations Posts: 264 Member
    I also have a Cuisinart, it's the greatest.
  • dbmata
    dbmata Posts: 12,950 Member
    I have Cuisinart.
    Has two speeds, on and off. All you need.

    Great toy to add to the kitchen tools, I probably use mine 3-4 a week now.
  • Ibyzr
    Ibyzr Posts: 14 Member
    I got the Costco one, love it!
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    I use one (I have the Cuisinart) and love it, but I've never compared it to another. They are probably both fine, great tool.
  • AlisonH729
    AlisonH729 Posts: 558 Member
    I have an inexpensive (~$40) 2-speed Kitchen Aid which I use a lot. But I am itching to upgrade to one with a whisk attachment and a chopper.
  • AngryViking1970
    AngryViking1970 Posts: 2,847 Member
    edited November 2014
    Braun all the way. I got it as a wedding shower present 10 years ago and it's never done me wrong. It came with a whisk attachment and a mini food processor that I use all the time.
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    I have a plain on-off one, I think it came with my food processor? I've never missed having extra speeds but I do appreciate that it's nice and long.