Fitbit or Garmin Vivo Fit w/HRM

I'm debating between the two.

I really like the idea of being able to see the results and such straight from the device as opposed to having to have my phone. AND another question does the fitbit work with a HRM? Does it come with one?? that anyone's aware of.

But...those that own either or both...I want to hear from you?


  • Icoza87
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    There is a new fitbit coming out... Fitbit Charge HR. Like a Fitbit Flex but tracks heart rate too. I'm waiting for that one.

    Edited cuz I had the wrong Fitbit info
  • McBoffin
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    I have a fitbit flex and love it (but I'm hot bothered about having an HRM at the moment). Mrs McBoffin wanted a Fitbit Charge HR (not yet out in the UK) ao she tried a straightforward Fitbit Charge out. Her verdict was that it was a bit chunky and not very feminine FWIW (she got a flex in the end).
  • lalepepper
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    I've had my Vivofit for almost a year and really enjoy it. It's waterproof and doesn't need charging - the battery is a simple watch battery you can switch out, but lasts over a year. I find the HRM compatibility is nice too - I have one that I connect and after a bit of confusion about how to get them to connect, it's been smooth sailing.
  • farmers_daughter
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    With the fit bit flex how do you know what goals you are meeting it says it "lights up" when you meet your goals?
    Is it just the 4 lights?
  • dakotababy
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    I would wait about another 6 months or so. I am hearing there are some newer trackers coming out, including ones with heart rate monitors! To be the most accurate trackers yet.
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    Current Fitbits do not track HR.
  • Love my MS Band ! I know... hard to get right now.. but this thing is outstanding.. plus it has GPS built in and you get phone notifications on it.. (email, txt,FB, etc..) , sleep monitoring AND it works with WP, Android or iPhone plus will send your workout of course to MFP.

    If you live near a MS Store you might check to see if they have any.. supplies have been trickling in..

  • farmers_daughter
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    Waycoolken...Oh my...I don't need all of that. I just want to quickly know steps, heart rate would be great, burned cals, and activity basically. Sleep monitoring etc.... is a bonus but not needed. Just something to keep me personally (not externally) motivated.

    Ok so I know someone's gonna pick apart that last sentence but I think you know what I mean.
    Rather than relying on my workout buddies, I need to remember stuff myself, and track it myself.
  • Timshel_
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    Fitbit. I've had both and the Fitbit has better feature, real time workout stats, and a better website.
  • shadow2soul
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    I have a flex and love it. Currently however, I'm fighting with the charger to get it charged. I have 2 chargers now and they both have to be position just right or they won't charge my Flex. I think I have horrible luck and ended up with 2 defective chargers. As for your question about the lights. The Flex has 5 lights. You pick the goal your most concerned about (by default it's set to steps) and when you tap it, it will show you how close you are by lighting up a few of the lights.
    1 flashing light = less than 20%
    1 solid light + 1 flashing light = At least 20% but less than 40%
    So on and so forth.
    When you reach the goal you have it set to, it will vibrate.

    That being said, if I were buying an activity tracker today, I'd go with Garmin. My reasons:

    Garmin can be paired with a Garmin HRM vs Flex cannot (however you can manually log calories from a HRM)
    Garmin has a display vs Flex doesn't really
    Garmin has a better waterproof rating than the Flex

    I am currently thinking that I'm going to replace my Flex with the Surge when it comes out.
    Why I'm interested in it:
    - Built in HRM
    - Looks like a watch
    - Is rated 5ATM water resistant (same as Garmin I think)
    - GPS
  • shadow2soul
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    McBoffin wrote: »
    Mrs McBoffin wanted a Fitbit Charge HR (not yet out in the UK)
    It's not out in the US either. Fitbit is saying early 2015 for both the Charge HR and the Surge.