Can I tell you about my behind?

Because, I am beginning to be proud of it.

Background, my bottom has always be fat, doughy, shapeless. I have been embarassed all my life and tried to ignore it.
After losing weight, it was just meh. Lifting weights (5x5) for 4 months or so made it somewhat better. But then I started Strong Curves. I am 5 weeks in, and I LOVE IT!
The upper part of my bottom feels solid now, the lower part still needs work. I am so proud of the upper part though that I would love to tell people to go feel it but that is inappropriate :) The picture is not very impressive, but the feel! One can feel muscle in my butt! That's so awesome!

Oh, and I love my triceps, and my biceps is coming in as well. Cannot wait to show it off when winter is over.
I am very pleased. Will work on it some more until January or February or so. Will cut then and will look AMAZING once spring starts!

I found my passion, and it is lifting! I would have never thought that would happen. Lifting weights was what other people do.
The good thing is I don't only like the results, I like the lifting part as well. I am always sad on the rest days (and I do not take many, I do 3 days of lifting, then a rest day, repeat) because I would love to lift every day...


  • jesiann2014
    jesiann2014 Posts: 521 Member
    Girl, let me tell ya... Strong Curves was also my entrance to lifting. And oh my rear!!! Let me just say that my derrière and legs are just... Well they are truly just great. Yeah, I know! What a brag, right?? But I very literally worked my bum off to get my bum on. :)
    So yeah, I get it. Love Bret & Kellie. They put together a stellar program.
  • Jellif1sh
    Jellif1sh Posts: 27 Member
    Looking good! Your bum doesn't look flabby at all!
  • 3laine75
    3laine75 Posts: 3,070 Member
    Your bum looks fab :)

  • redfisher1974
    redfisher1974 Posts: 614 Member
    I like it!
  • kdiamond
    kdiamond Posts: 3,329 Member
    Awesome, just awesome. I see that butt rounding out back there. Lifting is the best isn't it!
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,250 Member
    You're looking great!
    And it's wonderful that you've found exercise you really enjoy, because you'll keep doing it even once you get to a healthy goal weight & body fat.

  • libbydoodle11
    libbydoodle11 Posts: 1,351 Member
    Fabulous buttocks!
  • berto23
    berto23 Posts: 160 Member
    edited November 2014
    Girl got butt!!!! Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle. Excellent job.
  • shadowloss
    shadowloss Posts: 293 Member
    Believe me, if you were working out in the gym I go to, I'd be sneaking peeks :wink: Looking good! Keep up the hard work
  • PwrLftr82
    PwrLftr82 Posts: 945 Member
    Nice assets! You are looking good :D
  • sapicsr
    sapicsr Posts: 69 Member
    WOW you look fantastic!!
  • coueswhitetail
    coueswhitetail Posts: 309 Member
    Great work! keep it up!
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