need alittle advice

right now I work at a warehouse where my job makes me walk for 10 hours I calculated present on my heart rate monitor and it said one day I burn 3500 cal in one day this week after work I want to go work out but because I work so much and my feet hurt. I also have been sticking to a 1500 cal food intake daily but I feel that it's not enough. if I am turning 3500 cal at work should I be including that in my food intake and raising it higher or should i just leave it. also if I'm turning 3500 cal from walking which is cardio should I still be doing cardio after work or should that be enough thank you


  • justaboat
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    you need to eat more, that much of a caloric deficit could be dangerous !!
  • diannethegeek
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    Okay, the first thing to point out is that HRMs aren't really meant to be used this way. So that may not be an accurate number you're working with.

    I would make sure that your activity level is set to active to cover the calories you burn at work and then don't add the work calories on top of that.

    Whether or not you want/need to add more cardio after work will really depend on your personal goals and preferences.
  • hurleycutie142
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    ok i was thinking of adding my activity to active because right now its at the lowest...