One year on MFP - 82 lbs lost, so much more gained



  • That supernatural angel costume is bomb, extra weight or no. But congratulations, you definitely have reason to be proud!
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    Oh I super duper needed this today. I have been on MFP forever and never stick to it. I'm terrified of cosplay because of all the awful things people say about fat cosplayers. Thanks for posting, and sharing your journey. Your Rose Tylers are all awesome (she's my favorite companion).

    But it's better to be a fat cosplayer than a thin and bitter internet troll, right?

    Congrats on the weight loss! Amazing.
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    I'm more jealous of you meeting all the doctors than I am your weight loss :laugh: I got to meet Alton Brown (only other thing I love as much as Doctor Who) and I could barely breathe AND he was wearing four's scarf <3 dreamy
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    So awesome!
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    A Whovian! Awesome! Reverse the Polarity on MFP!
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    You are so awesome! You look amazing and I love your geekiness. And I think it's awesome you got to meet Noel Clark. *Swoons*
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    Love the inspiration! And love how you have fun pictures to compare your then and now! :) Thanks for the encouragement, and CONGRATULATIONS on all your hard work! :)
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    Congrats! I have a similar amount to lose, and this is really inspirational.
  • What an inspirational post, thank you SO much for sharing it with us!
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    Congrats! And SOOO jealous of all your DW pics!
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    You look like so much fun and so much life!!! Good for you thanks for all the pics and details appreciated!
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    Good job! you've totally reminded me that we just gotta keep going :smile:
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    You look amazing!!! You should be so proud of your loss.
    And your cosplay of Samandiriel is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! o:)
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    Congrats, fellow Whovian and fellow cosplayer! You look amazing in all your cosplays and even more amazing in the more recent ones. Cosplaying is one of my reasons for wanting to lose weight. I'm so jealous of all the people you've met! The only Doctor Who actor I've ever met was the TARDIS they use in most of the episodes, when I went to the BBC studios ;) And... wait, there's an annual cat video festival??? Why did nobody tell me?!
    Congrats again!
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    Awesome success story
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    Wow congratulations! I am just beginning my journey and have a lot to lose. You are an inspiration to me! I would love to be MFP pals, will send you an invite if you are interested. Keep up the great work.

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    First WTG!!!!! Ty for sharing and as someone who is just over 6 months into this journey it is nice to see someone who has just reached the year tracking milestone. I know I will be tracking for the rest of my life, to loose and than maintain, so nice to hear about your success.
    Also so jealous about your Doctor encounters.
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    Well done honey, I'm so proud to be your MFP friend! I'm glad you had fun at the conference! xx
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    I'm speechless! :o