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A great way to re-inspire yourself

wtstephenswtstephens Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
Feeling slumpy? Go to the grocery store and find one or more items that represent how much weight you have lost so far. Then walk around for about five minutes holding that to get an idea of what your body once held.

Only lost five or ten pounds? Go grab a bag or two of sugar.
Lost 20 lbs? Grab a bag of dog food.
Lost 35 lbs? Grab one of those giant tubs of cat litter and try walking around with it. Yeah, it's likely you don't think you look that different - but all of that was once supported by your body. Yikes!


  • thegreatcanookthegreatcanook Member Posts: 2,423 Member Member Posts: 2,423 Member
    I can't find a 110 lb item at the grocery store, so I carry my middle child up the stairs....and I remember how hard it was to climb stairs!!!
  • Jdigs88Jdigs88 Member Posts: 71 Member Member Posts: 71 Member
    I've been feeling a little discouraged as I've lost weight more slowly than a lot of people on here. Was trying to reassure myself that 26lb in 132 days isn't terrible (still 1.4lb/week avg)...wasn't working too well. This thought - that I used to be carrying around a whole thing of dog food, and imagining that on myself - SO HELPFUL. Thanks for putting the thought in my head!
  • NoStoppingNow77NoStoppingNow77 Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    Thank you for putting it into perspective. That's a great motivator!
  • amcook4amcook4 Member Posts: 561 Member Member Posts: 561 Member
    I don't think I can find a 57 pound item at the store, so instead I'll just imagine 228 sticks of butter (57 pounds worth), that is a pretty good motivator!
  • LeslieB042812LeslieB042812 Member Posts: 1,800 Member Member Posts: 1,800 Member
    I love doing that--it's great with a living being, like a pet or a child. You've lost a whole person/creature! :smile: To Jdig88, that is AWESOME weight loss!!!! It generally takes me almost a year to lose that much, since I typically average .5/week. It's important to remember that everyone's situation is different and typically those who lose faster have more drastic changes to make. Keep it up and eventually you'll make your goals. :smile:
  • kristimason3kristimason3 Member Posts: 131 Member Member Posts: 131 Member
    I was doing lunges while holding 2 ten lb weights last night and struggling after about 15 reps and thought about that. I've lost more than those weights weigh and yet I'm struggling with them. Definitely eye opening!
  • scottacularscottacular Member Posts: 597 Member Member Posts: 597 Member
    What weighs 5 stone?
  • jkwollyjkwolly Member Posts: 3,059 Member Member Posts: 3,059 Member
    I can't find a 110 lb item at the grocery store, so I carry my middle child up the stairs....and I remember how hard it was to climb stairs!!!
    Wow, amazing for you!!!!
  • FaithfulJewelFaithfulJewel Member Posts: 177 Member Member Posts: 177 Member
    So far, my 2 cats and 2 biiiig bags of cat food. Thanks for posting this, it's really made me realise that loss is more than just a number!
  • Jg04811Jg04811 Member Posts: 102 Member Member Posts: 102 Member
    I would have to carry 194 pounds LOL!! I can see it in my head though, that is a scary load.
  • yoovieyoovie Member Posts: 17,261 Member Member Posts: 17,261 Member
    uh... that would require a barbell and a spotter.
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