can you still lose weight/inches and still have water retention?

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I'm having a problem with my scale. I know I'm eating and exercising right but water retention is the problem. Can I still be losing weight or inches with water retention?


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    I have this problem as well can't wait to see if someone answers!
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    it's been killing me
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    I have gone up 3 lbs overnight and the calorise don't count for it all, althought I binge and takeing a couple thousan at a time its to much salt like chips or pizza.

    I know some people are on water pills but I don't know about all the under lieing condition that acount for water retention.
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    what are water pills?
  • Joyfulkneves23
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    Watch your Sodium intake. That can make you retain fluid as well.
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    You may just be eating something high in sodium and not realising. Find out what it is and don't eat it so often, that water you're retaining will probably just go over a few days.
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    I use water pills occasionally when I am super bloated, they are a diuretic. They are used to get rid of excess water weight and salt through urination. I love salt and pour it on at times. Always consult your doctor before considering this, they can affect your blood pressure and have negative side affects like dehydration and lowered electrolites when used too frequently with certain kinds. I am sure to drink lots of water after I loose the bloat. There are also Natural diuretics such as watermellon, asparagus, celery, onion, eggplant and caffine. Again, consult your doctor about your water retention, it could be related to other helath problems, my mom in law's is related to congenital heart failure.
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    LOL! I meant congestive heart failure not congenital.
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    I'm not really sure what the question is, but 1 gram of carbs will retain about 4 grams of water, and salt will obviously do the same but even more pronounced. So, when you binge on chips, pizza and other salty high carb snacks (and chase them down with a six-pack to really top things off) you will swell up like a water balloon for a few days.