MFP Calorie suggestion or do you do something else

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I have been following MFP preset up but my question is does anyone do there own set up. How do you figure out how much protein, carb, fat and fiber you should do? Right now I'm doing the 0.5 a week loss which is working but the 1lb weight loss is not enough i feel like . Any suggestions are welcome. My calories per MFP are around 1700 a day. My average daily calorie intake is 1500-1600.


  • Liftng4Lis
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    Go into goals, custom and set your own. I personally have my protein set higher than MFP recommends, because I lift. Everyone is going to have different needs, based on their goals.
  • mija777
    But are you happy with the weight loss you are achieve right now? If not then change it to lower calories, but don't go below 1200 :) I set up my own calorie intake to 1200 :)
  • seashell709
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    I used IIFYM calculator to set up MFP and lowered my calories since I don't want to do what MFP suggested for the 1 lb week weight loss.
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    I follow the guidelines. I also have mine set at .5 pounds loss a week, so mfp put it at 2090. My nutritionist told me to eat 2000 cals a day. Works just fine for me since I don't obsess about food, oh and not being hangry is awesome. Restricting my cals too much makes me a very bad person to be around, plus I feel like I've lost a crap ton of muscle by having a huge deficit in the past. So now low deficit, more realistic expectations
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    I'm higher than suggestion, set my goal at 1800. Have been eating typically 1800-2200 depending on exercise, and lose about 1.5/week. My goal is to eat as much as I can and still lose weight as a reasonable pace.
  • jacksonpt
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    Yes, I do custom goals/settings. I've been at this long enough to know what my maintenance calories are (at least based on how I estimate calories in and out), so I set my daily goal relative to that based on whether I want to gain, lose, or maintain.

    As far macros... I tweak those periodically with the goal of maximizing workout performance while maintaining a certain protein minimum.
  • 970Mikaela1
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    Mine are custom. 160 calorie a day deficit. Not really to lose anymore,just keeps me honest. If I get too far below my goal I eat a little more for the next week or two.
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    I use the macrofit calculator & go by my TDEE (rather than my BMR, which is what MFP does). I don't like futzing around with eating back exercise calories--I just want to eat a certain amount every day.
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    I use bodymedia, MFP suggestions are awful imo, basically tells me to starve myself if I want to lose weight
  • gin_fb33
    I use Scooby's Home Workouts Calorie Calculator to set up my macros and calorie intake. Since I started using that and not MFP, I've been losing weight more steadily.
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    I do custom goals. MFP has you eat back exercise (which is why the calorie goal isn't actually as low as it seems), and I like to average my exercise over the week since I do a pretty consistent amount.

    I also find that I do well (currently) on about 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat.
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    I set my own. I use a Body Media armband and it gives me the calories burned per day. So after tracking data and weight loss, I've adjusted my calorie intake based on my typical daily burn.