Does it matter how you divide up your weekly calories?

I am 5'8, female, 23 yrs old, and 137 lbs.

GW is 125 but I'm really basing off more body fat % so it depends on how much fat I lose vs muscle I put on. I am a skinny fat person trying to get to about 18% body fat.

I'm supposed to eat 1500 cal a day for 1 lb a week weight loss. I also exercise 3-5 times a week (weights, cardio).

I divide up my nutrition like this: Mon-Fri, I eat nutritionally healthy foods and hit my macros. On weekends, I eat what I want but control my portions. It helps keep me from binging because I know I can have that burger or ice cream on the weekend.

Because of this, my calories seem to fluctuate quite a bit, but my weekly calorie goal always averages out to around 1500 cal (usually a little below).

My week day calorie totals are anywhere from 1200-1500, but my weekend calories can exceed 3000 sometimes! It always seems to average out though, and I am still losing weight.

I end my week on Saturday, and tonight I can consume over 1000 calories just for dinner (which works out, as I'm going to a holiday party) and still hit my 1500/cal average a day goal for the week.

Here is my question. Is doing this going to sabotage my weight loss? Does it matter how I divide up my weekly calories? I just don't want it to stall my progress or eventually make me stop losing.


  • MakePeasNotWar
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    I can't see why it would affect your weight loss, as long as your weekly calorie intake is lower than your weekly expenditure. You may find a spike in your weight on the weekends if you consume a lot of sodium, but that is fluid retention and will pass in a day or two.
  • kgeyser
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    If you're staying within your calories, you should be fine. However, 0.5 lbs per week loss sounds more in line with your goals and your current stats. You're not going to put on muscle in a deficit, and if you're trying to recomp, eat at maintenance or slightly below. And of course, make sure you are getting enough protein and lifting heavy (for you).
  • Mediocrates55
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    I average mine out over the week too, kind of a modified 5:2 but not as extreme. There's certain days I'm just not that interested in food and others that I'm hungrier. I abhor the idea of eating when I'm not hungry just to meet my calorie goal, so I roll those calories along. I stop it at a week though. Anything not eaten by Sunday is just counted against net loss. I think any more than a week and it could start getting all math-y.
  • sheepotato
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    That's pretty much the same calorie spread I did and it never affected my weight loss. I think having a bigger meal on the weekends kept me sane during the calorie restriction, and it made me stop worrying about being under my goal for the day during the week when I was less hungry.
  • xxharleyquinnxx
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    Yeah I do this as well, I find it usually helps when I have an ocassion to attend so it should all balance out right. The only thing that annoys me is when mfp app tells me in so much over my cal limut for the day as I hate it all being in red, makes me feel very guilty even though obv by the end of the week it all balances out like I said :)
  • middlehaitch
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    So long as your calories add up at the end of the week and you don't go too low during the week you should be fine.

    I. Usually have Thursday and Saturday as my higher calorie days so keep a couple of hundred of my calories in reserve.

    You may find upping your calories, like kgeyser said, a better way to achieve your goal, especially as you are trying to lower your BF%.

    You are looking at losing less than 20lb and a .5lb a week loss is usually more successful. That being said, this is a recommendation mainly used for people ending a larger weight loss goal.

    Watch your intake, and if needed raise your caloric goal to stay healthy.

    Cheers, h.