Overwhelmed at the Gym



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    So true! I love Jim! (And the gym...).
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    Does anyone one else get completely overwhelmed at the gym? There are just so many different machines that, to be completely honest, intimidate me. Not to mention the super jacked people who always seem to be questioning why I am there.... So I always do my stuff on cardio machines and get too scared to do anything else :( Thoughts? Advice?

    gosh I can relate!!!! It's so intimidating hey because everyone is watching you! Best thing I got was a trainer so I can easily use the machines now :) I know what you mean though I never do my squats at gym I am SO unco hahaha :p
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    I don't care how jacked they are, no one in the gym is looking at you wondering why you're there. You're in the gym, we know why you're here. To get in shape, which is the same reason the jacked people are in the gym. Everybody in the gym is happy you're there and will answer any question you have or show you how to work a piece of equipment. Don't be intimidated about any part of the gym (except the men's hot tub. be afraid. VERY afraid)

    Best thing to do is to have a plan. I recommend you buy and read New Rules of Lifting for Women. It will explain what you need to do, why you need to do it, and how much of it you should be doing. Having a plan will help you walk in there with confidence.

    ^^^ Hahahaha. Loved this!

    Ok, free advice from a fat chick: Go with a friend! I always have my boyfriend show me how to use unfamiliar machines, or I ask him to "adjust this one for me." It makes him feel useful, and it shows people that fat girls are awesome enough to have friends. But, as everyone else said, no one else is paying attention to you (or me) anyways. And if they are, they're saying "good for (that person) for getting off their *kitten* and coming to the gym!!!" Or maybe they're on 'roids and thinking something perverted but worried about their shrunkin junk. Who really knows?

    If you can't get past the internal mindgames..... find a smaller gym. We use the fitness center at the local parks and rec center. It's cheaper, no commitments, closer to the house, and there's no muscleheads. It's kinda funny actually. Early in the morning is when the seniors do their workouts. Before noon, there appears to be a group of housekeeping ladies on their lunchbreak. There's a dozen regular fat people. It's where people go to workout to get in shape for the regular gyms. Hahahaha. Everyone is really friendly and always willing to help.

    And like someone else said, if there's a machine you want to try, look at the name of it, research it, and try it out next time. That way you aren't fumbling with it and feeling all self-conscious. :D

    Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!! Enjoy your time because it's YOUR time.
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    I hav found that the best plan is to go with a friend, and whenever we see someone new we tend to mention how glad we are that they made the effort to get there and change their lives. There are even some people who we know started around the same time as us, and they have lost so much weight and are looking amazing, making us envious :bigsmile: ! The gym can become a community, if you just sometimes talk to the person next to you (some idiot even tried to hit on me, and all I was thinking is "Im sweaty!")

    To echo what someone said above, try to go at off peak times, its less intimidating. Also, our trick to figure out how to use a machine, watch someone else. So if someone is watching you, and you are wondering if you're doing it right, smile, they may be trying to pick up tips :wink:
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    find program

    go to gym

    do said program as written

    go home


    rinse repeat

    I'll admit that I people watch. Looking at mirrors is annoying and looking the the floors and ceilings feels emasculating. If you get enough awkward looks then check your form, lol. I dont think people give people strange looks cuz youre outta shape, they do it because your form sucks or your doing something considered poor gym etiquette. However, all beginner's form sucks, so, who gives a flying duck. Just go and improve. You'll make friends and feel like you belong in no time.
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    Go pick up the heaviest weights you can.

    Lift them


    put em down

    walk away

    problem solved
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    Usually gyms will offer a 1-3 session package to show you the equipment (the motive is to get you to sign up for more sessions). You do not have to sign up of course but this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of so someone can show you the machines if you want to do them. Plus they usually have stickers on the machines on how to do the movements anyway. If not, memorize or jot in your phone the name of the machine, google it, watch the videos, go back to the gym and do it.


    My gym offers free sessions 12 times a year (1 per month) to make sure you know what your doing, Getting the most out of your work outs, Checking your progress or change up your program, They also do technique checks so at any time you feel like your not doing your program right they will go threw it again with you.

    That's what they are there so i i always try and take advantage of them as much as i can!

    edit: i have the worst spelling :blushing: :blushing:
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    A lot of gyms offer a free session with a trainer to familiarize you with the equipment. If yours doesn't, it's worth paying for at least one. You'll get a lot more out of your valuable exercise time if your form is correct.

    and this
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    I feel the same way but in the classes, oh my god I can't keep up or do the things right :(.
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    Pick up New Rules of Lifting for Women.

    Get a routine going and get over it.

    The more you explore new equipment the more comfortable you'll get.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • I posted this earlier. Is this an option for you and save yuour money?

    I never get to the gym or the swimming pool and when I say I will go for a walk I don't get round to doing that either, I have exercise games and DVDs but again I never put them on but I've found something I love doing. I hope it appeals to everyone who struggles making the time to exercise or who just wants to up their activity.

    I put on my favourite music and I walk up and down my lounge and swing my arms or dance. It means after 5 songs I've done 20-30 minutes of exercise and my endorphins have shot up due to the combination of music and exercise. Guidelines advise us that we should be doing 150 minutes of exercise each week, I'm confident that by doing this I am hitting that target.

    I don't need special clothes, it's free, I'm not self conscious because no-one can see, it's fun and I can also fit it in at some point during the day. I use my headphones if it's early so I don't wake everyone up.

    I've been doing it a few weeks now and my legs (and especially knees) have really toned up.

    I started off simply walking but I'm now holding cans of food as weights to try and tone up my arms at the same time.

    For me this works because instead of sitting there thinking shall I exercise? If I just get up and start it I've done it before I know it. I can honestly say that I've never thought that I haven't enjoyed it, and you will probably find that after 5 songs you may want to carry on.

    My family have been really supportive and ask me "Have you done your homefreestyling today?" I call it homefreestyling because I think there are so many variations on this, please try it.

    Start it and see what you think. If you like it join the group Homefreestyling, I will post music and exercise information and we can share our ideas.