Squatting my kids and hip-thrusting...

sengalissa Posts: 253 Member
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Today I came home after my workout, and my five year old wanted a piggy back ride. I said "oh my are you light" and did a few squats with her on my back. Then my 7yo wanted to do the same. Easy peasy. Then my 9yo. Easy. She weighs like 62lbs, that's nothing :)
Then my 11yo, she is heavy. Was still able to. Then I said I could hip thrust or glute bridge her :) She did the superman on my lap and I lifted her up like nothing. Then my husband said, ok, try me. He weighs 210lbs and I do 160 lbs in my glute bridges 3x8 so I was sure I could do one rep. He did the superman on my hips, I went up and he tipped over and landed on his head. He had been so sure I would not be able to do it that he had not even balanced his upper and lower body out :D

So, he was impressed. And for my kids I am superwoman anyway. Life is good!


  • BeckyNaturoMommy
    BeckyNaturoMommy Posts: 187 Member
    Great job! I squatted my 5 year old, my 3 year old and 6 month old at the same time no problem. So awesome
  • griffithm1
    griffithm1 Posts: 130 Member
    Ha! I love it!
  • MDF247
    MDF247 Posts: 64 Member
    I've been wanting to squat with weights but don't have any. I'm going to feel silly with a 6'2" teenager on my shoulders, but may as well try...
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