I'm looking for new friends

Hello, I am back after a very serious illness and would like to lose the weight I have gained over the last year due to high dose steroids. I am looking for friends particularly around my age (40's) to be supportive and would help me along the way as I would you.


  • Hi Trerika, I would love to be of mutual support to each other.... & hopefully others too. I broke my back a year and half ago & now two surgeries later I am feeling overweight, a bit discouraged, but also hopeful that I can make a change for the good. While I still have at least a few more months of no exercise I am hopeful to get my diet back on track and hopefully lose some of this extra weight. I am 40 years old and would like to lose 40+ pounds. I will send you a friend request.
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    I'm not in your age range (I'm 19) but I know the high dose steroid problem! Since April I've been on a varying dose of prednisolone, from 95mg daily down to 5mg daily - then the problems returned and back up to 70mg daily, then slowly down to 1mg daily... and now back up to 50mg daily! It's so frustrating, but I'm starting a new medication on the 7th of January so hopefully no more steroids for me after that. It's so hard to resist when you always feel hungry no matter what due to medication, and all the water retention that prednisolone causes... blegh. Here's to not letting our illnesses beat us!
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    I'll be 40 in March yuck. I still need to lose 45-55 lbs. Lost 20 lbs so far. Plus I'm short so looks even worse. :(
  • Hi
    I am 41 and at my absolute heaviest and I am so depressed over it. I am also looking for support to help me on my way! I want to lose 50+lbs! Please feel free to send me a friend request for mutual support! I need to do this so I can be around a long time for my now 4 year old daughter as I am all she has being a single mom. :smile:
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    Thank you all for your responses. I will add you or send a friend request.
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    Add me if you like. I'm older but been on here a little over a year and doing pretty good !! Also to "Libertydh" I too am a broken back survivor and after 15 years still have pain from time to time..
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    Hi Trerika! I am in my 40s and currently weight the most I have ever weighed in my life. My clothes don't fit and I feel terrible about myself. I lead a very busy life and find it hard to fit in exercise as well as watching my diet. I would love to find others in similar situations so that we can be of mutual support. Nice to meet you!
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    I have been on steroids and they suck....I will add you.

    Anyone else that wants to add me feel free
  • Hey...I am forty and would like a motivation partner/team. I need to get this weight off before shorts and bathing suit season. :) 40 pounds to be exact. I love sweets. Expecially chocolate. I love being healthier but it seems something always derails me. I have 2 great kids and a terrific hubby. I just need motivation. :D Let me know if you wanna walk this journey together.
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    Hi I turn 45 this year and don't want to spend the rest of my 40's over weight.
    I have about 70lb to lose. Add me and lets help each other!

    Good luck!