LifeProTip: Drill a Hole in Your Trash Can to Eliminate Suction

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I just drilled three small holes about 3" up from the base on the back of my garbage can because I'm sick of wrestling with the full bag when it's time to take it out. No more suction and it just slips right out. :) This is not my idea. It's all over the internet. But I just finally DID it.

Anyone else got any more kitchen tips?


  • itsMcKay
    itsMcKay Posts: 131 Member
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    I also like these:
    • Bake eggs instead of boiling them. Put a damp (but not dripping) old kitchen towel on the cold oven rack. Eggs should not touch each other. Bake room-temp eggs at 320F for 30 minutes. Then dunk them in ice water for 5-minutes and peel under a running tap. Thanks, Alton Brown! Best eggs ever.
    • Put a damp kitchen towel or paper towel under your cutting board so it won't slide around while you slice.
    • Hang a small tension rod inside the top of one of your cabinets for a discrete paper towel dispenser.
    • Keep only 1.5x as many pieces of dishware/cutlery/silverware/cups as there are people in the house. Family of four? Six sets of everything, no more, will help you keep up with the dishes. It takes 2-minutes to wash them by hand and put them in the dish strainer. Guests? Bust out the paper and plastic. Guests often? Factor them into your 1.5x figure.
    • Put a radio or speakers in the kitchen. You're more apt to spend a little extra time straightening and cleaning up if your laptop is tuned to your favorite Pandora station than standing in silence. Decent speakers are a must!
    • Use hand towels to dry your hands and paper towels for cleaning only. Why go through a whole roll in 3 days just to dry wet hands?