Wearing Fitbit and HRM

Today while at the gym I wore both my HRM and my Fitbit Zip together for the first time. Myfitnesspal has already synced by Fitbit calorie adjustment, but here is my question. Should I also record in the calories that I burned while at the gym wearing my HRM or do I only count the calories that I burned with my Fitbit?


  • editorgrrl
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    Can your HRM sync with Fitbit? Here's the list: https://www.fitbit.com/apps
  • mrprytania
    mrprytania Posts: 17 Member
    If you're wearing them together and recording both values that would be "double dipping" right? Plus though the HRM might be more accurate if your workout wasn't something like a steady state run it might report inflated values. I record my HRM values but discard the calorie bump. I save them to note changes over time reflecting a change in my fitness.
  • Sued0nim
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    Any activity logged on MFP overwrites the times of the activity logged by fitbit...

    I do because I burn 4-700 calories in a workout and that is no way reflected by fitbit burn
  • SKME2013
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    I log my workout calories as MFP takes care of double logging. I am in maintenance and so far it works for me.