Finding Balance

I've come to realize lately that I have some issues with finding balance. When something excites me or interests me, it completly takes over my life and I put everything else on the backburner in order to indulge in my new interest. Once I start to burn out (or run out of money for projects), I then move onto a new interest.

For example: May-Sept I was obsessed with weight loss and working out. I worked out 2-4hrs a day 7 days a week- I had to control myself from doing more then that! All went well until end of Sept/beginning of Oct when all of the half finished home improvement projects were nagging at me (and I had a neck/back injury). So I meant to take a temporary break from working out to get some things done around the house (like 2 weeks)....and next thing you know its New Years and I haven't been to the gym in months. This pattern repeats itself yearly: In Winter months, I am typically obsessed with geneaology and and spend at least 4hrs a day on it (some days at many as 12hrs). In the Spring, I am obsessed with my garden and spend 100% of my spare time re-doing my landscaping after getting inspired by the Home and Flower Show. Let's not even talk about Pinterest! I can go on and on with the examples.

I am beginning to wonder if this also effects my food choices more so then I realize, which has resulted in the weight gain over the years.

I think my solution will have to be scheduling. Scheduling things like: X hours each week to the gym, X hours to home improvement projects, X hours to geneaology, X hours to relax etc...I still will struggle with impulse control at times. But I think that scheduling everything out can work for me since I love to do lists.

Anyone else like this? Any strategies for keeping it all in check?