1st things 1st here are my stats
Female 28yrs 5'11 209lbs Goal: 175 then we’ll see where I stand and re-adjust goals
Neck 14.2
Waist 46 (above belly button, why do some say here others the smallest part?)
Hips 49
OK I imputed sedentary on activity here (I got 1200 calories) thinking it would give me my base then when I exercised I'd have that extra bit of leeway and know when to restrict on my rest day. My calorie intake is roughly in-between about 1200-1600 however mostly on the lower end
Average week so far (I'm on week 2)
Weight Training
Sun, Tue and Thurs
I alternate full body using machines/free weights followed by 20min cardio or Circuit Training at the gym (10 weight machines 10 cardio 30min 2rounds)
Mon, Wed, Fri
15 stair 15 treadmill 15 bicycling 15 elliptical

My goals are to drop weight and build muscle. I haven't budged on the scale aspect but feel good overall. I researched my BMR 1766 (thanks MFP) which seems very high I drink a lot of water at least 3 liters a day and don’t feel like I’m starving on the calorie intake I have now. So should I up my calorie intake or stay lower? What should my macro nutrients look like? I heard a gram of protein per pound but that seems like a lot, 209 for me? Also am I doing too much? I like hitting the gym because of the endorphin high plus pushing myself. All and all I just want to do this in the healthiest way possible any helps tips or info would be great also add me so we can root each other on


  • leanne0627
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    Hi welcome to MFP, im only about 2 months in, so not really sure about a lot yet, but wanted to say we are pretty close to the same weight and height and I am eating around 1800-1900 a day right now and its working pretty good. I did start out lower but found as I exercised more I needed to eat more and didn't want to starve and then maybe binge. So I guess it would kinda be up to you, if you feel like your ok on that, but I think you could probably get away with eating a little more. Its also sometimes good to start a little higher so that if you plateau then you have somewhere to drop your calories. If you start at 1200, then you don't have much room to drop them right?
  • leanne0627
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    oh and make sure you check your measurments if your not losing, I hardly lost anything for an entire month but when I checked I had lost 6 inches of my waist, so the scale can be a horrible measure of progress. If your feeling good I bet its starting to work, you just gotta keep it up :)
  • asantacruz24
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    Thanks I decided to go with my BMR base of 1766 and add more protein :D
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    Early on I was eating in the 1400-1600 range (now maintaining 1800-2000) but I started at 39 years old, 178 pounds, and 5' 5.5". So stands to reason you would need a slightly higher calorie intake.

    Keep in mind: it can take a little time to see results. You have a lot going on right now. The new activity can cause temporary water weight gain, which can mask your true results. So whatever your weigh-in routine: be consistent, and give it time. My motto: if you weigh less today than 30 days ago, you're going in the right direction. So give yourself 4-6 weeks to start seeing a trend on the scale.