Anyone else yawn like crazy during vigorous exercise?

What the heck? I'm working hard, sweating through my HIIT workouts (I'm Jillian Michaels' biggest fan) and I often find myself YAWNING. Big, gaping, head-cracking yawns. Lots of them, over and over.

Anyone have this? I feel fine during the workouts, but it is so annoying.


  • FitPhillygirl
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    Only when I don't get enough sleep at night....
  • Erebekah33
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    yawing during workouts ,if your restless then it's sleep. If it happens to u all the time it's because your body isn't getting enough oxygen to you're brain..that used to happen to me when I first started working out.. I asked my dr and he said that to before thou workout take deep breaths and breath deeper when u work will go this helps
  • natashajf
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    I do the same thing sometimes. For me it is because my body is not getting enough oxygen, hence I agree with the recommendation that you take deep breaths, I also make an effort to breathe in through the nose (deeply) and out through the mouth. Often when I'm exercising hard I find myself breathing in and out through the mouth which doesn't get the same amount of air (i.e. oxygen) to the lungs.
  • Alatariel75
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    I get that sometimes, and that's when I know I need to work on my breathing. I agree with deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth - my trainer says that you get more oxygen that way.
  • ahoier
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    yes lol......i do this too.....i've caught myself at the gym doing this while even weight lifting.....i'll be pouring out sweat and then out comes a yawn outta nowhere.....haha. i link it to nutrition.....second to and my girl work opposite schedules.....i work mornings, and she works i tend to wait up for her.....when she gets home at midnight.....and then have to be up and get ready for work for 830, to get to work by yea, i think sleep is the biggest factor ;) ANd as i said, first being nutrition......i work out at night after work, 7-8 p.m. at night.....and typically exhausted from being on my feet all day (sales.....) power through the workouts anyways lol.
  • 7elizamae
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    Hmm... I get plenty of sleep and have really good nutrition. I've been working out almost daily since May. But, I will try to focus on my breathing and see if that helps. Hope so!
  • dbanks80
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    I do all day after vigorous exercising.
  • 970Mikaela1
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    Lol I sure do. I think my 6 hours a night is not enough.
  • liftingandlipstick
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    I do/did the same thing. I was recently diagnosed with exercise induce asthma, and when I use my inhaler before I workout, it does tend to happen less. Could be confirmation bias, could mean I wasn't getting enough oxygen before.