My body has hit the dreaded Plateau



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    2-3lbs a day?? I wish. xD I'm at a half a pound a week. You lose less weight as you become lighter since you're not carrying as much weight around with you. Your weight (although this seems weird) shouldn't be a big concern to you as you plateau. Taking measurements is a better concern. Also gaining muscle can put weight back on you or keep your weight the same as you drop inches as you get thinner and leaner.
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    You guys it stays the same weight for like 2 or three days

    I've been at the same weight for almost a month. But, since that includes Christmas, New Years, and a new workout plan with lifting heavy? I'm calling it good. I get back to a pound a week eventually, hopefully.

    You are still losing weight very, very fast. Your early dramatic losses were because you had so much to lose. You aren't plateauing, you're succeeding -- you have less to lose than you did back then, great work!
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    wait you lose a pound a day and you are complaining…am I reading that right???

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    Ummmm. A pound a day?! I fail to see any issue here - you're losing at a rapid rate. A pound a week is awesome losing in my opinion and something I wish I could achieve. A pound a day is just beyond what most people can expect to lose.

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    If you are still losing weekly, you aren't in a plateau. Weight loss is not linear.
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    You guys it stays the same weight for like 2 or three days
    I stayed the same weight for about six months. Still not a plateau as I will still making progress, losing inches and dropped a full size during that time - with NO CHANGE on the scale.

    As others have said - not a plateau, weight loss is not linear, and you need to adjust your expectations and your goals - 2 lbs a week is good for now. Get yourself a food scale and a tape measure, and take some progress photos - you don't have to share them with anyone, but they are great for those days when you feel like you're at a standstill, but when you look at the photos you can see how far you've come.

    Eat your calories - food is fuel. Go with progress on the tape, not the bathroom scale, which will mess with your head whenever possible. Patience is key.