Water consumption - question

If I drink fruit or herbal tea can I count that as water consumption or is it strictly plain water? I know they are caffeine free.


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    Did you add water to make the tea?
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    As with most health/diet related topics, there are a hundred or more differing opinions about this. The simple fact is that there are no hard and fast rules. The point of drinking plenty of water is to stay hydrated because it's good for your health. However, the source doesn't matter - you can get enough hydration from tea, crystal light type drinks and even eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.

    One way you can check your hydration easily is your pee color. If it's pale yellow, you're all set. If it's darker, you may need to up the fluid intake.
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    Yes. It's a myth that you "can't" count teas and coffee towards your water intake.
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    Yes. It's a myth that you "can't" count teas and coffee towards your water intake.

    This is my personal opinion, too, however I've seen many here that disagree. Including my mom's doctor who told her that her massive tea drinking is just as good as drinking water, which she refuses to drink. Um, NO.

    Water is important and has amazing health benefits. Trying to get around not drinking it only hurts your own health.
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    My exhusband has been on kidney dialysis for 17 years.. So coming from someone who has experience recording fluid consumption ( not to mention I'm a nuring student and have had to record in take and output for the hospital system) yes. It counts as water since the moisture content is H2O.

    As far as the other components.. Some may be better or worse for you (diuretic properties and so forth).. And carbonated/preservative filled liquids opens so many 'bags of worms'..

    ..so best advice.. Make healthy choices, juice and teas may be better than no fluids but water has its benefits. If you're sweating a lot be sure to replace electrolytes as well.. Sodium follows water, so the more out the more you need in!
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    BZAH10 wrote: »
    Yes. It's a myth that you "can't" count teas and coffee towards your water intake.

    This is my personal opinion, too, however I've seen many here that disagree. ...

    It's not just personal opinion. Here's a link to a science-based article on the topic: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/wonders-of-water and this: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-drinks/other-healthy-beverage-options/
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    It counts.

    I say that as a normal person who likes tea etc and knows this 99% water, and as a chartered scientist. It aint rocket science really.
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    Thanks all. Still a few conflicting opinions. I will read the article though, much appreciated.

    Coffee and Coca-Cola contain water and definitely do not count towards water intake (been told that by doctor previously), so asking if I make it with water is a bit pointless - I don't take doses of sarcasm! I just wanted to clarify herbal tea which unlike normal tea is caffeine free.

    I do drink coffee which has health benefits, but limit how much I drink
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    thanks for the links Heidi
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    As long as you are properly hydrated how much "water" you drink doesn't matter. Coffee, tea, beer, wine, melon tomatoes etc all contain water that the body will filter through the system and eventually through the kidneys.

    So if your urine looks pale yellow to clear - you're good.
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    I drink a lot of water throughout the day, if you are wanting to get more in sip on water iced with bcaas... If you want to supplement with them. There are as well many opinions in bcaas but it's better than crystal light for you just a thought
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    With* bcaas