Im going to start doing piyo on Monday. anyone had success doing it and committing? Or is anyone planning on starting? Add me! I'm 5'4, 154 pounds and I want to be 140. ☺️


  • chuck636
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    What is piyo? Sry : /
  • cincysweetheart
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    chuck636 wrote: »
    What is piyo? Sry : /

    Its beach body workout… combination of Pilates and yoga.

    OP: I've seen it done and I have a close family member that follows it pretty religiously, but I haven't done it myself. My family member is doing great. She is like 8 months pregnant… so she has to modify a few things. But with using Piyo… she's still in good shape and her pregnancy (this is her 4th) has gone easier than any of the other 3. Combined with proper nutrition, she feels great and she's also managed to limit the amount of weight she's gained.
  • skroops
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    I am going to be starting PiYo tomorrow too and would love a few friends that are also doing it to check in with. I will add you as a friend :). And maybe we can find a couple more people.
    Anyone??? :smiley:
  • jodyb23
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    I started it last week and I love it! It's a nice change from the cardio heavy beachbody dvd workouts.
  • BraveNewdGirl
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    I started the program last week in order to ease back into working out after surgery and I'm really enjoying it. It's definitely on the low intensity side, but it can still make you work up a sweat!
  • kawaiiTy
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    I'm also starting PiYo tomorrow, feel free to add me:-)
  • bnikiz
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    Just place my order and it will be here tuesday! So excited
  • leahhugh
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    I've just begun today! Feel free to add me for an accountability partner :)
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I am in an MFP Beachbody group and some people there are doing it.

  • hoppa321
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    I started this week too, you can all add me
  • Muppyooh
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    I started it today. Add me!
  • km0476
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    I had attempted piyo a few weeks ago but life got in the way so I am committed to following through with it this time. I restarted last night and am hoping that some friends that are doing piyo also will help to keep me in check! Feel free to add me!
  • syrr
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    I'm on Week 3 Day 5 and am enjoying it! Feeling a little stronger :)
  • SunflowerCat74
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    I was doing piyo for years at my local gym and loved it! I got really great results: strong arms, core and balance. I've recently started it again and can't wait to see the results. It's my favorite workout...the class I look forward to most. I hope you ladies enjoy it as much as I do!