My One Year Success

danaberge Posts: 117 Member
I have logged onto MFP for a year and logged all my food to the best of my ability. In one year I lost 17.4% of my total body weight or 53 lbs.
This is a small success to some, but it's about NSV (non scale victories) also. I didn't give up this year. I kept my faith. I waited it out. I stayed patient. I let the process happen slowly. I didn't lose 10lbs in a month. I lost 5 lbs. ... and that was good enough! Progress is progress.
So - My victory is continuance. I'm going on my 2nd year.
Looking for friends to support and be supported by this next year.


  • StrongLife
    StrongLife Posts: 525 Member
    That is awesome! I wish I was that dedicated on the food logging.
  • VanessaRudden
    VanessaRudden Posts: 198 Member
    Hi, Im at 171 pounds - not losing at all - but eating soups and salads now - starting to get really healthy with exercise. you can friend request me if you want! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR JOURNEY!
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