What causes the "stitch" in your side when you run?

and how do you prevent it?



  • obscuremusicreference
    obscuremusicreference Posts: 1,320 Member
    I've heard underhydration and not breathing deeply enough, but I've experienced it even when I've done both of those things right and am in for answers.
  • SuggaD
    SuggaD Posts: 1,369 Member
    It's a breathing issue. I always used to get stitches. Then I read up about oriper breathing and no longer get them. Google running and stitches.
  • tweekedgirl
    tweekedgirl Posts: 114 Member
    Yeh, breathing issues can be a main cause of stitches. I read somewhere about how breathing in for three steps, out for two, repeating that so you're always alternating which side of the body is stretched when you breath helps to reduce it. Since I started following that technique, I very rarely get stitches unless I'm really pushing myself, and even then I still don't get them often.
  • cheshirecatastrophe
    cheshirecatastrophe Posts: 1,395 Member
    I don't know what *causes* them, except running too fast for too long. But slowing down my breathing is what makes them go away. I try to breathe in for four and breathe out for four. It don't always get all the way to 4-4, but even *trying* helps. And, yes, slowing down a little.