Plant based (produce based) diets

I still see a lot of the protein myth being circulated. I took courses at Rochester Institute of Technology in nutrition studies to become a dietitian and what I learned about protein was surprising. Is anyone else out there who is on a whole foods plant based diet who also understands the role protein plays in human health? Would love to chat!


  • myfelinepal
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    protein myth...I'm pretty sure protein exists.
  • PRMinx
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    What exactly are you trying to say?
  • Sarauk2sf
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    What protein myth?
  • sjohnny
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    protein myth...I'm pretty sure protein exists.

  • Iron_Feline
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    You have a b.s. in nutrition and believe in the protein myth. Oh my.
  • salembambi
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    im vegan and its awesome indeed
  • stevesfoods
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    salembambi wrote: »
    im vegan and its awesome indeed

    I agree.
  • Owika
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    I am slowly converting to vegan. It just makes a huge difference on my system. Still don't know the ropes really though, so if you would like to educate someone on how to have a well rounded diet I'm all ears :)
  • margaretdoggett1
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    I love eating vegan, I feel wonderful, my cholesterol has come down. As to protein, I feel I get enough, with all the whole grains, vegetables. My only suppliment is vit D and B-12 from nutritional yeast . I wish I could go back in time and have started this life many years ago.