NSV-Nail Biting

While not directly related to weight loss, I've been a nail biter my whole life. It ties into nervous energy/anxiety I possess which also transfers into binge eating. My goal this year has been to use exercise and food logging to alleviate stress instead of allowing food to be a main cause of stress. Doing this will bring about better sleep, better moods, and a much needed change to my overall health and weight. Paying a little TLC to my nails will help improve my self esteem as I've always had gnawed on looking hands. As of today, I have gone three weeks without biting my nails. I've kept them painted, moisturized, and cleaned up. This has been a big deal to me! My teeth, my hands, and my piece of mind have been thanking me for making a serious effort to give up this nasty habit!


  • Took 25 years to get that far when I stopped. Been non nibble for a year. YOU CAN DO IT!! and a nice new color can be added to your non food based reward system. Grats!!
  • I have my nails gelished ever three weeks. It strengthebs the nails and they look great. Once you do it you never look back.
  • ThinLizzie0802
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    Buying a new nail color to paint myself as well as regular manicures has become a reward for both the nail biting and exercising! Feeling good about myself, even with something as small as my nails, helps keep me on track with all my goals.
  • Lounmoun
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    Sounds like you are doing well. :)
    I was a nail biter when I was young. It was hard to stop but I've managed not to do it for a really long time now.
  • pepperdove
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    I have to wear acrylics or else I bite my nails to bloody stubs. Bonus: they are really useful for peeling and opening things!
  • megan_h26
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    Congratulations everybody! I am doing my best to stop too.