Nike Fuel Band

I've lost 80 pounds and have maintained it for about a year (have been at or under initial goal since April 2013). Got the Nike Fuel Band and it is amazing! Not just does it track steps and calories, but wants you to move every hour for at least 5 minutes (have to get at least 6 fuel points/minute). since I've been aiming to get my hours won I've upped my calories burned. Amazing!!!

Whether or not you wear this, get up and move every hour. I dance to hip hop that is fun and cool.


  • ssl0905
    ssl0905 Posts: 57 Member
    I just got one and am curious to know how to track it on mfp? Any suggestions?
  • pkw58
    pkw58 Posts: 2,039 Member
    I tracked nike fuel by just creating my own exercise "nike fuel" under cardiovascular and entered the minutes and calories that it showed on the nike ap/site. I loved my nike fuel band - I felt it was very motivating. Alas, my nike fuel band died after three years of working well December 2014. I am going with the lumo for now, trying one of my husband's fit bits... but I loved my nike fuel band. I am waiting on the Apple Watch ....
  • La5Vega5Girl
    La5Vega5Girl Posts: 709 Member
    my nike fuel band died right at 3 years of use. i really need to get a new one b/c i LOVED it!