Restaurant food

Can anyone tell me how to try and accurately put our food in when we eat out at restaurants? I went to Dinosaur BBQ last night and they only had a few foods from there in here.


  • Elsie_Brownraisin
    Elsie_Brownraisin Posts: 786 Member
    I try to find something similar to the food I've eaten in the database and then log 1.5 portions of it (to be on the safe side), or even 2 portions if I know their portions are very generous.

    If it's a chain restaurant, their website often has detailed information for what's on their menu.
  • countrymom78
    countrymom78 Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you! That's a good way to go about it!
  • when that happens, I generally use a similar food at a different restaurant.