Unable to load recipes

I have attempted to load a recipe multiple times without success. I make everything myself so I was most excited to be able to do this. I was able to get to import the recipe from the web but then there is no check mark in the right corner to check. Only gives me option to edit ingredients and then I am unable to save. Please help. I would love to use the app and save time to import recipes. I am GF so I will be doing this a lot.


  • ToddPa12
    ToddPa12 Posts: 61 Member
    I don't know if this will help.....Online, under the food > recipes tab there is a small link under the text box for entering a URL to a website that says "add recipe manually". This is where you can enter the name, the servings and the ingredients. After you enter everything you can select "Match Ingredients" and hopefully everything shows up. After all this it will give you the option to Save or save and log it. I always chose Save and then I went to log it after the fact by searching my recipes.
  • Thank you. I know I can add it manually but I know you should be able to add it from the web as well. Would like to do that to save some time.
  • spookyface
    spookyface Posts: 420 Member
    I gave up trying to add from the web. I just do it manually.
  • ToddPa12
    ToddPa12 Posts: 61 Member
    I was rarely able to enter from the web as well. I ended up copying and pasting the ingredients into the manual add recipes because of it not working properly. I think it may depend on the website and how they have the recipe stored on the site itself and why it doesn't work all the time.
  • Thanks guys. I attempted from All Recipes since that was the example but no luck. Hope they can fix this.