Need Advice From the Runners Please!

I started the C25K app a few months ago and finished...Yay! and then continued running. Everything has been fine, but last week in the middle of my run I got an extremely sharp pain behind on one of my knee caps. Now when I try and run both of my knees hurt. Question is what should I do? Should I take a break? Could this be a shoe problem? I just want a little advice because I'm new to this running thing and I don't want to make it worse.


  • sjaplo
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    Could be this - you could be over pronating which would throw your gait out of balance. Perhaps check out a running store or physio to see if this is indeed the issue?
  • SergeantSausage
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    I would take a 2 week break - no running or impact of any kind. If no better, try again for another 2 week break. If still no improvement, seek out a Doc specializing in Sport related medicine. Most family physicians will just tell you to stop running forever if they can't figure it out.

    But that's just me. That's how I roll. Your mileage may vary ...
  • gnik1
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    Agree with sjaplo shoes make a huge difference.
  • higgins8283801
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    I hurt my knee once and I jjst needed to take a 3 week break. It felt better and even though I had to rebuild up some endurance it hasn't bothered me since.
  • Ophioceps
    I agree with what's posted above, but I also recommend making sure you're doing some strength training along with your running. You need to have strong quad muscles to help keep your knees aligned, and don't forgot your hips or glutes -- the two weakest muscle areas for most runners and the most neglected. Many knee and lower leg problems actually originate in the hips or glutes. Squats and lunges are good exercises to try; you can Google for other suggested exercisers. I'm a runner myself -- 13 marathons and a 50-miler under my belt -- and following this advice has kept me injury free since I started running.