Week of Temptation

So here's the deal:
All of next week I'm going to be on set for a commercial shoot. In the past, here is how they go: EARLY morning call-times (meaning no morning run). Free breakfast (usually burritos or something egg/bacon-y). Free morning snacks. Free ELABORATE lunches. Free afternoon snacks (available fruit, but then constant supplies of crackers, chips, etc -- my weaknesses). Free dinner, even though we've been eating ALL DAY. And then what day would be complete without free candy, occasional ice cream, etc. Every. Single. Day.

This week leading up to it has also required that I come into work early (haven't geared up for a morning run yet), drive to the client (meaning I can't even walk to work like I normally do because I need my car), and staying at work past 10pm. I have no motivation to do anything but eat. HELP!

I feel like a vast majority of the responses are going to be along the lines of "suck it up buttercup," but I felt the need to at least ask. Does anyone have any ideas of things to help me stay on track? (Also relevant: my next half marathon is in 2 months and I've got to stay consistent with training.) I can't seem to even think of a time during the day that I could run and feel safe.


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    Hey there,
    It sounds like a real week of temptation! The thing to remember is that any food is fine in moderation. Gear yourself up to get plenty exercise where possible (without burning yourself out from all the work you're obviously going to be doing too) and eat in moderation.
    Maybe try to drink plenty of water during meals (more-so than normal perhaps), water is great for making you feel full longer. Could you not also perhaps take yourself a little package in with some vegetables in, perhaps some broccoli prepared and ready? Something high in fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer with as little calorie density as possible.

    Wishing you complete success with your commercial shoot and your healthy lifestyle.

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    Here's what I can think off the top of my head, hope it helps!

    - Take a protein shake or two! Take two shakers already have the powder in the bottom and just add water! Have that for one of your meals with some fruit and have the other when your more desired snacks come out.
    - Take your own meals. I don't have a microwave or fridge at my 8 hour retail job. I pack a small esky bag with a nice big ice pack and it keeps my yoghurt colder than some fridges! Take salads, sandwiches, cold meat and vegetables! Nothing that requires heating up and something that I have counted into my day. Nuts, cheese sticks, your own light crackers.
    - Recall what they make and just add what you eat into MFP. You can have those two rashers of bacon and two eggs for breakfast! Just don't go over board - be honest with yourself!! I went way over board yesterday with my eating but I reluctantly put it into MFP and realize that today is a new day.
    - Walk aimlessly, just keep walking! Walk back and forth through the set. Someone wants to talk? Talk on the move! Do you get a short break where you can do a quick paced walk/jog around the set? See if you can get your hands on a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day!

    I struggle hard when so much food is placed/offered in front of me, I WILL graze whether I'm hungry or not so the following one I really need to work on myself but this is the plan I've come up with to hopefully keep my motivation on point

    - Do you have a phone? Make your background picture a snap of your dream body.
    - Instagram is great, follow a lot of fitness pages and then when you find yourself heading towards that food table have a quick scroll through the app and remember why you're on this journey.

    Good luck, you'll be fine if you put your mind to it! :)

    [Edited] Would also like to add, it's only a week! Don't stress! Eat at maintenance if that helps to keep your energy levels up for both your work and training!
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    Thank you both for your responses! I'll see what I can do in terms of bringing veggies to snack on, and I always drink a ton of water so I hope that'll help. I'll definitely log everything even if I'm well over my calories for the day.

    My biggest concern is that, for me, when I don't get my morning run in for a day, my motivation/willpower are significantly weaker ALL day. If I have two weeks without AM runs, I'm worried what that'll do to my habits. Gotta keep moving forward I guess :blush: