Training for my first half

I am training for my first half and would love some running friends to chat with, train with, learn from, and share running ideas and experiences.


  • olgasgarden
    olgasgarden Posts: 34 Member
    i am a runner. lets support each other. :)
  • WhatMeRunning
    WhatMeRunning Posts: 3,538 Member
    Count me in. I started running just last summer, and finished my first 10k in September and my first half in November. I am training for more this year, maybe even a full marathon if I progress properly on my training plan. So far, so good!
  • BobcatGirl110
    BobcatGirl110 Posts: 364 Member
    awww thanks! Can't wait to cheer each other on....I don't like to post my running on FB because my FB friends don't run so MFP is my exercise motivation :)
  • WhatMeRunning
    WhatMeRunning Posts: 3,538 Member
    I was posting my runs on FB for a little while. At first people responded postively, then they got a little quiet. I began to wonder if some people were feeling agitated about it, since people tend to compare their lives against others on FB whether they intend to or not. So I stopped. I'm not trying to rub it in anybody's face at all.
  • sgonzalezblanco
    sgonzalezblanco Posts: 18 Member
    I've got my first half this weekend and a few more planned throughout the year. Feel free to add me!
  • BobcatGirl110
    BobcatGirl110 Posts: 364 Member
    I understand grimmeanor....since none of my friends are runners I don't want the "0.0" miles sticker comments or "the only post I want to read about your treadmill was if you fell off it" memes :) It's sometimes easier to have runner friends than to hope others support your running/exercise....either way it's easier not to mess with it and find like-minded friends on MFP :)
  • SuggaD
    SuggaD Posts: 1,369 Member
    I'm training for my first half as well. I trained for one last summer, finished my last long run the week before the race (15 miles) and then blew out my back the day before. March 1 is it! Time to get it done. Will probably do 2 more this year.
  • joneallen
    joneallen Posts: 217 Member
    All the best! I started my training for my first half in May!